Bug from CIS 8 still unresolved [M2117]

To add even more, some of this games are on from the Top 20 most played multiplayer games on steam, with the number of users ranging from 20000 to 50000, so were not talking about unknown executables.

GTA5.exe - signed Rockstar Games, Inc.
RocketLeague.exe - not signed/some components signed by Psyonix, Inc.

This are just a few of the examples.

Thanks for your efforts. If there is indeed a problem, they will fix it. It’s a pretty serious issue as it affects all users, if the case.
Regarding your previous example, Square Enix, it’s not in TVL.

Could you kindly provide executable(s) by PM? I will check.

Is Steam rated as Trusted? If (new) games are downloaded trough Steam, you shouldn’t experience such issues.

Thank you for understanding. I don’t know what to say about Square Enix. As you have seen the digital signature names are identical, just the capitalization of the last two letters is different. I can assure you they are the same company. Isn’t there a way to find out beyond the name of the digital signature, like a unique identifier, md5 etc. I will provide you on pm both executables for Square Enix and Warner Bros so you can check. I hope the digital signatures in the TVL are not compared simply just by name because a lot of problems could intervene.

Steam.exe is signed by Valve. Pease check it if you like. It is in the TVL, by default.

With a clean re-installation, file tracking is lost. (even if Steam is Trusted)
I think this is an usability issue.

Both certificate and name are checked from my understanding. You could check certificate details.
Not sure what to say.

After a long discussion, it seems like it’s an usability issue. Bug was resolved.

Hope it helps.