Bug during new installation of CPF?

I have installed CPF at a computer of a friend of mine with nod32 av, and after rebooted the system the “windows security center” didn’t recognised anymore that nod32 was installed. It was easy enough for me to fix it but I wasn’t sure if it was a windows problem, so I tried again a new installation on a virtual pc with nod32 installed and the same situation occured.

Is it a bug of the CPF installer?

I think it depends on the Nod32’s WMI settings. I had some problems with windows security center detecting software that I no longer had installed and not detecting softwhere that I did have installed.

You’re best bet is to Re-Assign and reset the WMI manually.

See attached for instructions.


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Eric thanks for replying.
This was not a problem for me (had solved the problem easilly). But the text you added will be very helpfull for others with similar problems.
But I really think that it has to do with the installer and not with nod32.

Hi Pan,

We did not change anything in Windows Security Center logic. Besides, NOD32 and CPF use seperate interfaces so they should not conflict.

I believe this is somehow related to the previous software instaled on that PC. Or does this always occur?


Hi egemen. I made further tests and you are right. It does not happen on a clean os wich has only the drivers installed. CPF is innocent :smiley: