BUG: Custom Backup Profiles disappear after they have been sheduled

I have multiple Custom Backup Profiles. As soon as I click Shortcuts > Shedule (clock) near the ProfileName > Choose shedule settings (like daily, service run) > And then click Save shedule - The backup profile totally deletes itself. It not listed in Custom Profiles under Shortcuts and is nowhere to find in the calendar view.

If I create a new profile and shedule it right away - same thing. It disappears and last 5 minutes of my time are lost besides the fact that I’m unable in any way to create a sheduled backup.


Confirmed. Same problem here. Quite frustrating! >:(

Scheduling a custom profile will permanently remove it from the shortcuts tab and list it in manage tab. There was a bug related to not showing up in manage after conversion, but it will be fixed in the next release.


Why removing it from custom profiles list at all? Most users don’t use pre-defined profiles because they don’t know exactly what is backing up. For that reason custom profiles list is the most handy place for users to look into, whether they’re looking for a scheduled backup or not. Now with this “new feature” they have to check 2 places if they want to see all their profiles.

From here, I don’t see any added value of this behaviour. It does make things more difficult in my opinion.

I would suggest adding a label telling whether it is scheduled or not. Something like:

SystemDriveBackupFull.cbu [backup now] [schedule]
WorkData.cbu Daily at 18:00 pm [backup now] [edit schedule]

Can anyone let me know when this bug will be fixed please? For me, it makes Comodo Backup useless. I’ve had to revert back to Windows Backup. This bug didn’t exist in version 3. Is it possible to download an Comodo Backup v3 from an archive? I cannot find it on your website.



The bug is still there with the version


Bump to that!
This is absolutely defying the use of profiles!!!

Definitely agree. There is still an issue here.

Note that it appears that the new schedules do NOT appear in the Manage section (calendar or list) until you restart Comodo Backup (even though an icon appears in calendar view it is not clickable or showing the actual scheduled event when you click on the day). This is definitely a bug.

However, this means that if you can’t find your new profile/schedule then try restarting the program. It still disappears from ‘Custom Profiles’ in shortcuts, but you can then see it in the Manage section at least.