BUG - Comodo

Good afternoon!

Would you like some help, yesterday I accessed a program of the type that accesses the file types that win 7 does not have this program was not recognized by a comodo and this program is not a virus Unassoc.exe company, I tried to release the program that part of the “Unknown Files” just not releasing al was deleted the program folder and all the Unassoc the pc’s there and so far this occurrence asking to rate the program, I have done everything purged, deleted, removed, uninstalled comodo and removed completely from the pc I reinstalled again and the problem is still there, wanted some help to eliminate this occurrence from which this because not have this program on more pc and this bug is bugging me.

Not out using the option to remove, purge, and delete or uninstalling comodo completely from my pc and reinstalling it again, it sure is bug.

Help me please!

Ps.: This my topic arose in the comodo forum link my native language and sorry for my english.

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Are you able to manually add the program to the Trusted Files List? If you do this I do not think it should be added to the Unrecognized files list again.

Does that help, or am I misunderstanding the issue?


PM reminder sent.

The problem was resolved I downloaded the new version of the cis and the bug disappeared.

:wink: Thanks for answering me :-TU

I’m very happy to hear that this is fixed. In that case I will move this bug report to Resolved.

If the issue does return please let me know and we can move this bug report back for further processing.

Thank you.