[Bug] Comodo Dragon 26.1 crashes when closed

Bug Report

How to reproduce the bug:

  1. Start Comodo Dragon.
  2. Close Comodo Dragon, and it will crash with a dialog. This is repeatable even after restarting the computer.

Specific steps taken to try to resolve it:
It can’t be resolved by me when using version 26.1. My only solution was I had to downgrade to version 26.0 which does not crash when closing.

Comodo Dragon version:
Comodo Dragon 26.1 (Released: 04-16-2013)

Plugins/Themes installed:

  • AdBlock 2.5.61
  • Ghostery 4.1.0
  • WOT 1.4.10

Windows version:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32-bit), with all current Windows updates applied

System Drive where Windows is installed:

Where Comodo Dragon is installed:
C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon

User privileges:

Same, crashes when I close the browser. Started this morning, was perfect until today not sure if there was an update or not.

I have the same problem.

When closed Comodo Dragon, open the crashes diaologs.

Hello; I just started to have the same problem, as I see it the problem has to do with chrome extensions, you can test this by going to the Dragon logo in the left uppercorner ==> check the background pages ==> select all you plugins and press “terminate”

I’m sorry for wrong translations I’m Flemish (Dutch is my native language).

There is a bug in the current version.
The workaround until it is resolved is to disable Clear Browsing History on exit.

BTW, thanks for the bug report. :slight_smile: