bug: Comodo crash, unable to kill prg, must restart, logoff doesn't work.


Here’s a problem that occures occasionally. which I am unable to re-create at will.

Sometimes, when clicking on the Comodo Window (particularly in the Logger, but that might be coincidental) Comodo freezes, as in “not responding”. You can wait forever, it won’t unfreeze.

If you bring the Task Manager, you can’t kill it (self-protection, I assume). If you log off, and log back in again, you will have what’s visible on this screengrab:

2 Comodos on the toolbar, unmovable, unusable (basically frozen again) and no copy of cpf.exe are visible in the task manager.

I’m sorry for the bad quality of the screengrab, but it’s enough to see 2 comodo atop, and that there is non cpf.exe in the task manager, nor in the systray.

The only solution is to restart the computer.

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Can you uninstall ProcessGuard temporarily to see if this issue remains?


Can you uninstall ProcessGuard temporarily to see if this issue remains?

Hi Egemen,

Thanks for responding quickly. I assume it’s the bad jpeg that made it confusing, but I don’t have a program called ProcessGuard. The only program that starts with the same letters is PeerGuardian2, which is an IP blocker.


Or I also have Process Explorer, which replaces my Task Manager, which is the program you see in the jpeg.

Do you want me to stop running one of those? or is there something else called ProcessGuard that I’m not aware of?



I used to have that exact problem when I right clicked on the logs window to clear the logs with the previous version of 2.4.
But with the recent update I did not have that problem (or any problems) at all (so far at least).

Just wanted to let you know in case you did not have the recent update installed.