BUG cfp.exe

Can you Help me?
I run COMODO Firewall 3.13.120417.573 on Windows 7 x64.

Sometimes it shows a popup error, which I quoted in the attached.

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Windows 7 Pro x64
CIS 3.13.xxxxxx.579 Firewall + Defense+, but happened as long as i have Win7 x64 RTM
Avira AV Free

I get randomly an error, that cfp.exe crashes.
I attach a screenshot of the error. Neither get an entry in event viewer nor CIS creats an error report.
Sometimes i get the error report window from cis, but without an error report file.
The only thing i do, is starting my computer, nothing else.
CIS diagnostic doesn’t find any problem.

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Please check your RAM using Windiag. Let it run at least ten rounds and make sure you disabled overclocking.

I have checked my RAM with Memtest and it has not found any problem. also I can not believe, that it should be a problem of RAM module or overclocking. My RAM works under its specifications, it can be used with 1066MHz and i use it with 800MHz.

I mentioned the overclocking just in case you might have overclocked.

Do the Windows logs give away something? They can be found under Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event Viewer → Windows Logs → Application.

I have Comodo Internet Security x64 installed and the exact same problem :o. I get randomly an error, that cfp.exe crashes at windows start and only happens in windows 7 64.
I had windows 7 x86 installed before and never had this problem.

Ok i got a pop up message saying for me to contact comodo and send them the cmdagent to comodo/ but it also said there is a cpf bug, and now i cant run comodo until that is fixed what should i do. :THNK

oh and im on a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop if that means anything with Vista Home Edition 32Bit

Please start your own topic. This way your problem will get the deserved attention and this topic will not divert.


I have the same Problem. Windows 7 x63 Ultimate.
Sometimes cfp.exe chrashed at Windows start. Then i start Commodo manually and it works.

Where is the Problem?

I see all People with this Problem have a x64 System.


(Briljant, where did you get this Windows 7, 63 bit version?)

I had the situation that Windows 7 (x64) hanged during start-up after installation of the Comodo Firewall in about 50% of the start-ups. Really annoying.

Then I realized that my windows firewall was also running / not disabled. After disabling the windows firewall, Windows did not hang a single time anymore.

Good luck.