Bug: CF closes during pending files online lookup V3.0.21.329 Vistax32Sp1Fixed

Heads up!

While performing online lookup of “My pending files” or even after, when safe files are moved to “Comodo certified
database”, firewall reports (and a few times doesn´t) “Ooops, you´ve found a bug. firewall now will close”… and it really does.
It happens 9 of every 10 times I try it since a few days ago.
The diagnostics utility doesn´t find any problems.

Version: (FW: Train with Safe mode. D+: Clean Pc mode)
S.O. Vista Home Premium SP1
AV: NOD32 3.0.650 (Comodo Firewall and BOClean added to “exclusions”)
BOClean 4.25
(Windows Firewall and Defender are blocked)
Any suggestions?


Which pending files were you submitting to Comodo? Where does it report that Comodo Firewall was turned off? I could just be an msi communication error with Windows Security Centre. With Vista SP1 on one of my machines the Security Centre tells me that Kaspersky AV 7 is out of date for 5 minutes and then says Kaspersky Turned Off for a further 10 even though it is fully updated and running!

I have a hunch this is just a SP1 Glitch.


Which?? …for the first submission I had more than 4000; now there are 296 “waiting for my review” files yet.

Check the captures to see the firewall error report.
In capture #6 you can see also the crashrep after clicking on “send error report” button. Of course it didn´t went through, so it offers me to send the cpf.zip file to comodo, but I can´t find that file in the firewall folder.
After that, the firewall closes -and, no, it´s not running in the background, unless the task manager is cheating me, so I must restart it manually; then I run the diagnostics tool, but it reports no problems found.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I used to do file submission with previous releases but I quit that after they removed the automatic pending list update for non-cleanpc modes.

I expreienced crashes during file submission if I had many files but IIRC all crashes affected the file submission application.
After a crash the file submission started to resubmit all entries again (usually crashed again).

I was unable to fin a way to consistently reproduce that issue.

Vista uses a different way to handle crashes.

Please as soon as you are able to consistently find a way to reproduce the missing crashdump in comodo folder open another bugreporting topic.

I can´t find the cpf.zip file in my system but I´ve copy-pasted the info contained in the crash.dmp file into a .txt
Should I sent it to cpfbugs@comodo.com?

Yes that should work too.
But please kkep an eye on the missing report issue too. when you agree to send a report your default mail client is run and a zip file should be attached.
If on vista this won’t happen then the developers will receive less bugreports and will nit be able to fix the issues other users will be experiencing.
If you can fin a way to reproduce this issue please write the necessary steps in a new bugreport topic.

I´m not sure about your suggestion of starting a new bugreport topic: this bug works always in the same way, and it is as I posted before; it is about a 80-90% reproductible; well, not exactly in the same way: a few times the firewall crashes without warnings.
Perhaps you mean that a new “Error report utility does´t run the default email client after a firewall crash” bugreport should be posted… you´re right,I´ll do that.

Yep something about this but the most important part is the missing crashdump. There should be either a zip file or a .dmp file.

The report utility can’t determine my default e-mail client on XP either. I use Seamonkey and Thunderbird which is my default e-mail client, but the report tool always tries to use the Seamonkey
client which is not configured. Should be simple enough to test if one could come up with a way to force a crash dump.

Al (no crashes lately) Adric

After the last update, everything is working fine here, so the bug is apparently fixed.