Bug? CD 21.1 (sometimes) not opening the right homepage

Hi there…

Lately I noticed that from tome to time CD will not open the set of pages I specified under settings. Instead the browser opens in http://www.comodo.com/ . ???

After experimenting a bit, I found out that:

  • whenever I open CD first, when no other browser window is running, it correctly opens the pages I specified under settings
  • whenever CD is already running, clicking the CD icon opens http://www.comodo.com/ instead
  • whenever KM player (program I use to listen to IP radio) runs, CD also opens in http://www.comodo.com/

I’ve tried changing my settings (choosing other/no homepages) to no avail. :-\

Not sure, but I believe this did not happen before the latest update to 21.1.
Anyone else seen something similar??


Hi racker,
You would be correct that this only started with V21.1.
There is a similar start-up page bug here, I imagine both issues to be caused by the same fault.
I won’t merge the two because the do differ slightly, but it is obviously a bug so I will move this to the Bug Reports section.
Hope the next release fixes these issues.
Kind regards.

Thx for your reply; it’s good to know I’m not the only one with this problem… :-TU
At least now I know I don’t need to experiment with the settings any longer; think I’d better wait for the next release and hope that’ll fix it!

JFTR: I’m on XP SP3, just like the G233 in the other thread you refer to. Doubt if the OS really matters though, as rabtok is seeing a similar issue on W7… 88)


You are welcome. :slight_smile:
I am seeing it on XP, Vista and Win 7.