[bug] CAVL can't remove files with specific names

Seems found a bug.
CAVL can’t remove files with long Cyrillic name with Real Time Scanning and all system freezes with Manual Scanning this files.
I use kubuntu 12.04 x64 and COMODO Antivirus for Linux v1.0.239818.1
An example of the file that is causing the issue is in the attachment (renamed EICAR-Test-File).

[attachment deleted by admin]

I tried to download your file to my hd but it failed. I am using the mod preview 5 of CIS v6 on Win 7 SP1 x86.

I put the file in the archive.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I unpacked the file and extracted it. The Real Time scanner picked up on it and it removed it when I ordered it.

I don’t know why I could not save the file from your previous post. I tried downloading the unpacked file with the AV switched off but that did not make a difference. May be it is a limitation of Windows.

Same when I tried to download with Chrome on Ubuntu. It said filename was too long.

The file is saved normally on my XP SP3 with CIS v5 and CIS removes file successfully on Windows.

I download it with Firefox on Ubuntu without problem.
But on Ubuntu with CAVL I can’t remove it from disk.
JoWa, did you download archive and test it with CAVL?

Upon further inspection it turns out to be a limitation of Opera browser. It does not happen with FF or IE. Only with Opera 12.10 Next and Opera 12.02. That may also be the case with JoWa as he also uses Opera.

Sorry, I don’t have CAVL on this system.

As I said, I used Chrome. :wink: But if I try to download the file in the first post with Opera 12.50 on Ubuntu, it is downloaded without problems.

Never mind and thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
Hope the developers or somebody from CAVL users will test and and will answer.