BUG?? Can't Disable LAN Connection w/ BOC ...

still active.
When I go on net, I start LAN connection thru D_Link router>Cable Modem. I then start BOClean.
This leaves (left to right) my sys tray showing: BOClean> 2 Computer(LAN)>Spybot SD Resident &> AVG AV (Free) Icons.
Upon wanting to leave net, I MUST shut down BOC BEFORE disabling LAN connection. Why??
Because if I try to disable LAN without 1st shutting down BOC, The entire computer freezes up with net connection still live. No activity available at all! No C/A/D to Task Mgr, no start>turn off computer, no Keyboard or Mouse inputs at all on any program, even physically pushing power ON button fails to turn off ('tho it is set to do on & off)… (:AGY)

:THNK ONLY actions having ANY visible effect are 1) Push Front panel HD Button causing hard boot crash/ reboot/disc scan OR 2) Switching off power using back panel switch on power supply (Same as pulling plug).

A rather severe penalty for being in a hurry & not following the disable BOC first rule.
This also happened on v. 424 in exactly same way.
Any ideas why?? Any suggestions to remedy?? Thanks for any & all ideas! (:HUG) Sandy

Desktop System Specs: Intel P4 3.0 GHtz /80G HD/512Mg RAM/XP Pro SP1 +++chosen patches/CDRW/DVD read only Player/Toshiba Cable Modem/D-link Router w 2 active plugins (occasional laptop on it) duplexed/Intel Pro set &graphics/…Sun Java 1.4.2_15/ exclusive used browser:Sea Monkey1.1.2/ Avg Free AV/AVG AS (scanner only) Spybot1.4 w/TTimer-SD/ AdawareSE 1.06/CCleaner/BOC4.25/ All REMOTE functions disabled (net bios/printer sharing etc.).

I see you have Teatimer in your collection there. That’s always been a troublesome proggie. Just for laughs and giggles, shut it down completely and see what happens …

Hi, Kevin!!
Thanks for your speedy reply! I have tried a few times with Tea Timer disabled and lo & behold the problem has so far disappeared :BNC !!

TT was my only settings protector I had onboard (which saved my tail a few times) :THNK . Does BOC protect all system settings (lock down) or do so, in effect, by immediately reverting them to previous sets during attacks (that use such changes to aid in their ingress attack vectors)?
If YES , then I don’t really need Tea Timer protection any longer. I read thru the BOC promo info but settings weren’t specifically mentioned… so I ask! Thanks again!! :■■■■

hey sandy… no, BOC does not protect your settings the same way that “teatimer” does… i would try re-enabling teatimer and see if the problem persists…

if you are looking for a substitute for “teatimer”, maybe “winpatrol” would be a substitute and maybe it won’t cause the same problem with disconnecting your “LAN”…

here is a link for “winpatrol”:


i don’t use “winpatrol”, but it is pretty popular…

i don’t use a router so i don’t know, but is it necessary to disconnect the “LAN” when shutting down the computer?

I use WinPatrol and have found it works well with BOClean. :slight_smile: