bug? BOClean config menu is open but I can't find it

Maybe the tiny menu window should have “always on top” attribute set?

After you’ve opened the menu via the traybar, if you change mouse focus to another app window…

If you click “minimize all” or “show desktop” there’s no taskbar icon available for the menu window, and the traybar icon is RED and un-clickable.

Although an icon for the menu process is visible if you invoke the windows alt+tab, it didn’t immediately occur to me to try alt+tab in order to “find my way back” – I discovered that by accident.

(before Mac comes past and asks)

No, I haven’t submitted a ticket for this.

At this point, I’ve probably earned a rep as being QUITE the nitpicker; it’s someone else’s turn (please) to be the squeaky wheel.

Yep, I had the same thought as you but forgot to post it :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red

Why would you want to leave the window open? If I remember correctly, when the window is open, BOClean isn’t running so there is no protection. Once you configure it, there’s really no need to open it again.

Noooo, not leave it open

eleventeen (or so) valid reasons someone may have opened the menu:
You might have opened it to edit the excluded apps list and accidently clicked on another window, or you click over to a media player window to adjust the playback… or whatever. You might have opened it to check something in its interface and then clicked over to a browser window to paste a forum reply here.