Bug after update Ice Dragon

After the upgrade:
Ice Dragon Portable.
Ice Dragon Portable.

1.Customize Toolbar - does not show icons addons.? (See foto).
2.The panel displays the additions - white.

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So it was before the upgrade.

It is Ice Dragon 18

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Please add a list of the add-ons, themes or personas that you have installed and your operating system.

Thank you.

Win 7 SP1 32 bit UAC-on. Administrator.

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Updated again.
Errors not are gone.

Only change the window size? ???

It is not it was before.

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Retrieved also on Notebook Toshiba.

Win 7 32bit SP1 Ice Dragon (Portable).

The same error. ??? :-\

I have the same exact issue after my update too! it totally thrashes my toolbar icons to ■■■■.

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I found 2 issues wile trying to rebuild a new install of Ice Dragon.

First issue is “Personas”, the second I enable a persona the icons wack out. I set it back to default theme and problem disappears.

Second issue is in the about:config, the “tabs on top” setting, if i set it to false so that my tabs are on the bottom then my icons look broken again. set it back to true, problem goes away.

so their is 2 issues I found

This new release is packed with many incompatibility bugs, whoever put together the sloppy code design should be ashamed of their self for releasing such a buggy release. and give a big apology for ruining our browsers. I’m going back to Firefox for now where all my extensions and everything else works.

When I went from 17 to 18 - there were no problems and everything worked.
But it is clear from the 20 version that is too clever by half.

Ice Dragon portable.

P.S. When you reset - nothing changes.All errors remain.
Even the icons are not visible.


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  • Summary -

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit;

  • Security Software Installed: CIS 6.1.275152.2801/Avast! Pro Antivirus 8.0.1483/MBAM AntoiLogger;

  • How you produced the problem: Updated from Comodo IceDragon portable 19 to 20; and

  • How you tried to resolve the problem: Installed “Complete Themes” other than the Comodo IceDragon default theme.

  • Summary -

Hello folks,

I have being using Comodo IceDragon Portable for a while and I have been experiencing the same bug related to all sorts of icons being scrambled etc as reported in this bug report.

I have managed to “fix” it by just changing the Comodo IceDragon default theme by other from “Complete Themes” like FXOpera or Tangofox.

So, I think the bug is strongly related to Comodo IceDragon default theme and not to the browser. Maybe just fixing the default theme it will fix most of the problems. I hope it helps.

Best regards,


This small errors.
I think they know it all and fix in the next version.
And since everything is working fine. :-TU
We’ll be waiting in the next

Thank for info.