Bug after system restore.

I did a fresh install, installed Comodo firewall along with other stuff, used the pc for a few days and ended up breaking Windows then doing a system restore prior to Comodo’s intallation(as it was the most recent restore point).

Ever since then, I can’t install Comodo without utterly breaking Windows.
It boots incredibly slow, then once it loads it’s just a black screen, ctrl alt del brings up the usual screen but trying to load task manager doesn’t work nor does anything really.
If I go into safe mode to uninstall it, I can normally boot Windows, but the network doesn’t work AT ALL.
If I do a system restore prior to installation, the system works normally.

Please try running the uninstall utility, which is located here and have it remove all evidence of CIS. Then see if it will let you install it fine.

Please let me know if you run into any other problems.


Didn’t help, had to restore again.

Hi Dalamar,
No connection could be due to the Firewall inspect driver being still present.
Check here.

…nice to know, but I’d like to know how I can reinstall the firewall without making Windows unbootable. Without doing a clean Windows install.

I would forget system restore if possible IMO.
I would download a new installer here in case of corruption in the installer.
Then I would uninstall using the built in uninstaller (If possible) and then following the advice from Chiron I would then run the uninstaller tool.
After then reboot normal if possible and check to make certain the inspect driver is removed (Remove if present).
Reboot and then run the fresh copy of the installer.
Good luck.

Also run clean up tools from security programs you had installed in the past. Sometimes a module of them gets left behind and could interfere. You can find a list of clean up tools here: ESET Knowledgebase .

Do you have other security programs running in the background?

None at all, and only Comodo was installed.
For what it’s worth, the uninstaller tool said it didn’t have access to remove some files.

Did you check if the Comodo driver was still present as captainsticks pointed to?