Bug after Installation

If you install an older CIS version, then CAVS always shows, that it’s up to date. But it’s not anyway.
I think, this must be fixed.

Have tested it, 'cause i had to re-setup my operation system and only had the CIS version dated 26.02.09.
After restart, Comodo said, that Virusdatabase is up to date, but i think, on 10.April it’s not truth.

Is the older version 3.5? 3.5 is no longer supported and hasn’t had any virus database updates since the 3.8 release. So it is correct in thinking it is up to date because there have been no additional updates for that version.

the older version is 3.8.xxxxx.471 or some like that.
But i think, that, if i am offline, CIS should tell me, that the virus data is not up to date.
Therefor i think, that it would be good also, if there would be a possibility to install AV updates manually.

If you are offline, it has no way to tell if the virus definitions are out of date.