[Bug 3.0.25 x32] Firewall -> My Network Zones

Customize settings are destroyed after computer restart.

Windows XP SP2 all patches
Windows 2003 SP2 all patches

Steps to reproduce on XP SP2 ?

V3 doesn’t support Win 2003.

Change network name Local Area Network #1 to xxx_network
Click on apply
Changing applied up to now
Restart computer
Local Area Network #1 is indicated as network name

Add new netwok address
Click on apply
Restart computer
New network address is not indicated (has been deleted)

This bug (changes in Zone name not being reflected in rules that used the original name) first occured in (from memory) 3.0.13 but was corrected in a later release. Possibly has been re-introduced in latest update.

Please lodge a support ticket at http://support.comodo.com.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, the Network Zone that I created was destroyed at restart too. I confirm this.

And one more thing, the Network Zone I created to use on a firewall rule for an application did not work.
Right now I have to create a rule for each IP instead of Zone of IP’s.

So the Network Zone I create does not work at all. The Network Zone I created had 3 IP’s. I have another one with 2 IP’s that seem to work (the DNS Zone = DNS IP’s).


I was going to update CFP, but after reading this bug report, I don’t think I will. I will wait for the next version. I am not using SafeSurf at the moment since the installer won’t present to me the option to install it and I am not too bothered by the GUI glitch, so I will leave it for now.


I’m having the same problem … new zone added in My Network Zones and/or new address added to existing zone (first zone created after installation that seems to remain) are both disappearing after restart or coming out of Hibernate. Very frustrating. I’m not sure my Global Rules are doing any good because the addresses I thought were included in my referened Network Zones disappear. I’m able to connect and use a network printer whose IP address keeps disappearing from the LAN zone I’m trying to add it to. This makes me wonder how Global Rules (which dictate IN and OUT with the LAN zone) are working?

Specifics about my setup:
Firewall ver.
Vista Home Premium SP1
Disappearance happening working with both administator and limited accounts
AV – Norton Anitivirus 2008 (disabled during firewall install)
AS – Superantispyware (installed after firewall install – though firewall zone disappearing was happened before Superantispyware installed)

I am so glad that other people are having this problem. At least i’m probably not insane or getting hacked!

Please fix this, it’s not fun.


I can confirm this bug. Fortunatelly, it only happened after the first reboot. I’ve entered my new zones again and so far they haven’t been deleted. Unfortunately, it seems I’ll have to check this on a regular basis. :-[

Yep, same bug here. In addition to what has been said, if we rename the Network Zone then changes are not applied to rule description in Global Rules.

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I allready wrote about this bug in the help V3 but i kust wanne confirm this BUG for

XP Pro x64 SP2

When i create a network zone and use it with a new rule then it disappears.
The interessting thing is that it seems that unused (by any Rule) Zones dont disappear. I have one rule in my zones and this one doesent disappear, it is not in use by any rule.

The same bug.
Newly added zoned in My Network Zones are disappeared after reboot.
With Regmon (RegMon for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn) I found that newly added zones are not stored in registry.
(Not added under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations[0 or 1]\Firewall\Network Aliases)

OS: WinXP Pro 32 SP2