bug: 2.4 resource hog confirmation


I just wanted to confirm the issue that 2.4 becomes a resource hog (unable to find what triggers it so far) and also confirm that once the process of “resource hogging” has started, it does not end.

(see attached image)

The image shows that the logger is EMPTY, and therefore not blocking anything at this point. You see just below the Comodo window, the green line which shows that cpf.exe is taking 46.38% of the CPU (it varies between 15 - 50+) and the problem is that once this resource stuff starts, it doesn’s stop.

As a matter of fact, this issue started around 3am, while I was playing a game (not online). I took the screenshot 9 hours later (trying to see if it would ever end by itself - well, it doesn’t)

I have XP SP2 2Gig ram, lotsa HD space.
I’m behind a router.

rules (shouldn’t matter, given that it doesn’t block anything) but anyway:

0: allow ICMP Out / any/ any / Where ICMP msg is Echo Request
1: allow ICMP In / any / any / Where ICMP msg is Fragmentation needed
2: allow ICMP In / any / any / Where ICMP msg is Time Exceeded
3: allow ICMP In/Out / / / Where ICMP msg is Port Unreachable
4: allow IP Out / any / any / Where Proto is GRE
5: allow TCP/UDP Out / Zone / any / Where source port is any and destination is any
6: allow TCP/UDP In / any / Zone / Where source port is any and destination is [xx,xx,xx…]
7: block IP In/Out / any / any / Where IPROTO is any

  • edit: I deleted the lines about rule #3 not working. It actually is.

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