Bufferzone Pro goes 64-bit, beta available

Any thoughts?

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Its a very good program i have tested it quite intensely recently. In terms of usability it is spot on, its very simple to use and has lots of features and configurable. There is a few niggles that would make me not use this program (if it didn’t have these i would actually be very tempted to use this over Comodo).

Firstly it allows programs to add themselves to the start up when they are running in the buferzone. This is usually fine because any program that was added to the startup up in the buferzone runs in the bufferzone again at startup. But i infected the buffer zone so much that when when i restarted the VM it just ground to a halt because of lots of startup entries and one particular file that would constantly spawn other processes once started and would use about 80% of the CPU. After leaving the machine to sit for about 10 minutes i had over 130 processes running in taskmanager. I got round it by killing the few problem processes in task manager (was painfully slow) then clearing the buffer zone of active processes. You could probably also do this by starting in safe mode but you shouldn’t really have to, bufferzone should maybe prompt you for the startup processes or something so the machine is still usable.

Also i found the bufferzone a little leaky, its very good at virtualization most programs run in the bufferzone fine but i think this is at a slight cost to security. After infecting the machine with around 60 or so samples and entirely cleaning the bufferzone there were a few registry keys and files in the system32 folder that remained and seemed to be created on the real system. I am not sure if this is actually a security risk or not (the files could run in th bufferzone on execution) but you still expect everything to be removed when you empty the bufferzone and everything to be redirected to the Virtual deposit on the C drive.

There is also a review by languy here BufferZone Pro Free - YouTube.


Thanks! I’m going to watch it now,

Awesome!I’ve used Bufferzone Pro on Windows 7 32bit…and now that I’m on 64bit I’ll wait for this release…
Bufferzone Pro 4 should be released in third quarter of 2011.