Bufferzone 4 beta 3 problem.

Hi Guys. I am a happy user with Full Cis suite. However i received an e-mail inviting me to test the latest Beta of Bufferzone Pro today, months after registering for it. I like testing new apps and as Cis is not, i think going to be fully virtualized until version 6 i hear, i thought lets play!.

First i disabled Cis Sandbox and av and execution settings thinking of possible conflicts.

Then after downloading Bufferzone i was asked to re boot and when returning to welcome screen on w7 32 bit, a message came up saying preparing desktop as it does when you re format or install windows first time.It was stuck in this loop for 10 minutes with the same message.

I used best known configuration to restore to desktop and was able to access Bufferzone Gui from there. I then made Cis trusted in Bufferzone and disabled its firewall as i prefer the one in Cis.Next i clicked on enable protection in Bufferzone and nothing happened.I ended up using system restore to take it back to before Bufferzone was installed and re installed thinking that may help but to no avail, after disabling Cis altogether temporarily, same as previous, cannot enable it.Cis does not seem to be the problem.

This exact problem occurred with the previous version of Bufferzone months ago and could not enable it then.Did not bother to take it any further then but it has the same problem in new beta.I did some research and found a couple of posts in Bufferzone forums about the exact same problem and no answers were to be found?.

I have sent feedback this time and am awaiting answer but wondered if any Cis forum members have had the same problem and know how to remedy it?.I know lots of you tinker with other apps and some may have been invited to test the beta as well.Any advice/comments would be appreciated.


had same too, it even corrupt my Nvidia Drivers

:-TU Thanks for the reply umbrapolaris. Was the problem you had the same in that you could not enable Bufferzone and also the preparing desktop thingy the same as me or was it one or the other. Maybe you managed to enable it without any other problems, if so i would be interested in how you did it. It seems to me that this problem has existed for a while, as some posts in Trustwares forum go back 3 years and its still happening. :cry: I have let the Beta team know yesterday and as yet have had no response, hoping for some more comments/advice from those in Comodo forums who have been brave eneough to test it.


its not recomended to test beta software in main machine, if you wan to try bufferzone beta so hard in not virtualiced envirodment then install another instance of windows and test it there

Well i have given up trying out Bufferzone.It seems from many posts on other forums that they have rushed its release as it seems to conflict with just about any other firewall or security software resulting in Blue screens of death or endless Preparing your desktop messages and thereafter black screens of nothingness.The only way i could get this to work without conflict was to use it on its own…and windows firewall that aint happening layered security is the way… Tried various combos of Cis and Bufferzone, disable sand box in Cis make it trusted disable Firewall in Bufferzone ect … the list goes on. Finally found out that after the beta testing Cis is incompatible… from Trustware itself.Did some testing with Avast on a spare computer disabled its sand box excluded this and that… blue screened.

I was never going to drop Cis… not going to happen, just thought as Cis Sandbox had had some bypasses, maybe Bufferzone would have beefed things up…not worth the hassle at the moment.Have found out that Cis and Sandboxie play well together… now,theres a thought!!. ;D


Applications like Buffer Zone GesWall and Sandboxie are meant to run unhindered by other security applications. You’ll find that true when using one antivirus program, they would all work the way they were designed to work if we wouldn’t clutter things up. I’m running Sandboxie with Windows Defender with absolutely no conflicts, no resources being overtaxed, you would think running Windows XP along side Linux would slow my machine down but just the opposite is the case. I used to Beta test, if you want to experience a true beta then i recommend you use Buffer Zone exclusively… :-TU