"Buffer Overflow"

I have a small problem with uTorrent.

I believe its set to the right settings, but i’ll post them down just in case.

Network Monitor Rule:


Application Control Rule:

Skip Parent Check
Allow All Activities
Allow Invisible
Skip Avanced

If I use utorrent at anywhere close to max speed (or even half) I begin to have issues with it. When I say max speed I mean at about 700kb/25kb on a 8mbit connection that runs at 6mb or thanks to the distance, hence roughly 830kb/35kb max, so theres still a clear 120/10kb headroom left.

I use a program to monitor my broadband usage quota, it complains of an “out of buffer space” error only when I leave uTorrent on for a short while running at anything other then slow speed. Setting comodo to “Allow All” seems to have no effect. Just tryign it now I noticed it takes forever to connect to anything, be it a website. Given time I wont even be able to connect, a restart usually fixes it, so does waiting a short while i assume

It’s been better as of late, but I don’t think i’ve done any high speed downloading either. I’ve had a look around but i keep getting posts on BO Clean and buffer problems instead.

Any ideas?

edit: This really isnt a high-priority issue, and based on that fact that I can’t seem to find anything (maybe poor searching) suggests that this is some issue with my computer alone.

I’d assume that this is a memory shortage problem, caused by either utorrent leaking or your not having enough physical RAM in your system to cater for utorrent running at max and the bandwidth monitoring software. Without more details, I’d only be guessing.

Ewen :slight_smile:

With 4gb ram, I don’t see how. I’ve been running it most of the day and its only useing less then 10mb.

It’s got me stuffed. Your torrent rule is fine, and if the same circumstances occur with the firewall set to ALLOW ALL, then it’s a pretty safe bet to rule out the firewall. With 4GB it should be singing.

Anyone else got any ideas?

I’ll keep digging.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well, I do know that this isnt exactly a straight forward utorrent setup, its got quite a few changes. I’ve reset them to default (roughly?) so maybe it will fix itself now. Only time can tell.

Is it operating better with your client software set (roughyl) at its default settings?

I’m sorry, but your rules are dangerous, both AM & NM. There is no reason to allow all incoming traffic other than your listening port designated in uTorrent. This one is how you should create your rules:
Actually, AM doesn’t need to allow all activities. I have mine set up just like NM rules.

Is that really a common Aussie expression? :o

Umm, mate what are you talking about? Mine is set exactly how it is in the topic?

Panic - no idea, i’ll be able to test later today.

Yours has IN or OUT. It should be just IN. If you include the OUT portion in that one rule this is what it means (using listening port 33333 as an example):
Both the IP and Source Port is your computer because they’re set to ANY, but it’s only allowing your computer to connect OUT to other uTorrent computers if the destination port matches the one specified in uTorrent (i.e. port 33333, and only uTorrent users that have assigned their listening port as 33333 - the chances of this are not high). This explains why your downloads (at least for uTorrent) are slow because all OUTgoing connections should not be restricted - it should be set to ANY.

Please note that SOURCE and DESTINATION parameters can change and it’s dependent on the direction of the traffic (INcoming or OUTgoing).

Sorry for the late reply, its is utorrent only. I’m downloading at 700kb/s fine on normal downloads, but utorrent still slows/stops the internet. Either its screwing up on the upload, or rather its having too many connections at once. In any case, its something on my computer and nothing else. But what…

Thing is turning on/off the firewall makes no difference. I’m condiering uninstalling, trying it then, and if it works, maybe trying out the beta or something.

Has your uTorrent version changed since then? If you reinstall CFP 2.4 make sure to do it in safe mode to be safe.

Its uTorrent 1.6, and wont change at all.

I simply refuse to install any later version. I only just got up so I’ll do the comodo stuff later.