Buffer Overflow protection only if you install the Toolbar (bad beginning)

That’s it guys.
Providing an additional protection (buffer overflow) ONLY if one installs a toolbar is a bad signal for the future of COMODO firewall that, so far, was a complete packet completely free of charge.

Thanks anyway for your great product (L)

To be honest : I don’t like this idea neither. Not for the same thought as you but I don’t like it . Let me tell you why : I DONT WANT ANY TOOLBARS. :-\ Sad that this is the only way to get it included (except a separate install).


You can install Comodo Memory Firewall and not have to install the toolbar to get the buffer overflow protection.


Just to reiterate Mikes point,you have the OPTION on whether or not to install this.If you dont want it,nothing changes,you can still get CMF to do the same job.

Nothing is forced on you.


Will I get also Buffer Overflow protection?
And, if so, why this cannot be accomplished only running the update?

Comodo’s Nortonish approach. I don’t like it. But at least you have an OPTION :slight_smile:

guys, whats wrong with

1)Coming up with an easier and quicker way to get CMF technology to masses (having the CMF technology built into toolbar was much easier and stable than CMF for the whole PC…)

2)Giving an option to our users for a 2nd search engine

3)all this making Comodo some $$ so that we can re-invest this money to get you even better products!!!

FYI: Monies we make from this goes directly back into R&D. (we ain’t taking these monies and spending it on Porsches and Ferraris :slight_smile: ) So the only motive is to be able to improve what we can do for you but getting some $$ from this optional safesurf toolbar.

I hope you guys will understand and support us!


Forum members and people who know that Melih doesn’t lie understands it. But all the others - hardly. Comodo’s toolbar will be critized as bloatware and adware. (:SAD)

It’s sad but the truth. I personnaly don’t like toolbars : But I do understand that people who use it and buy something, the money will go to the research.


Just want to let u know that I totally understand and agree with you! However I also understand the others, but the purpose legitimates this action of the developpers. I hope the others can see that too.

Thank you

Un fortunately the definition of bloatware probably fits. Web browsing add-ons are fine products. I’m sure this is a fine add-on, too. However, I want a firewall, I want CMF that works, and I don’t want another toolbar or search engine.

If CMF will only work for browsers, then it should be configurable for only the browser and a new release made. I am, any way you cut it being forced to choose functional CMF only if I accept a toolbar i don’t want.

Bloatware is characterized by security or other software with features you don’t want and that don’t improve it’s function. Sadly an extra browser search tool is exactly that. If the bundle of VE and CMF are looked at as a browser utility, I’d understand packaging them together, but the same argument applies if you really don’t want screen space consumed by a toolbar.

I moved this topic to Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News which seems to be a more appropriate section. (:m*)


Melih states here that hiding the toolbar does not switch off the protection:

So you don’t have to waste screen real estate. You have to install that browser add-on though.

I’ve installed the latest version with the toolbar and have uninstalled CMF.
I now have a system tray icon called Surf Safe
I run the BOTester applications and it (SafeSurf) catches them all.
I start my browser (which isn’t IE or FF and doesn’t support the toolbar) and SafeSurf catches drive-by attempts.

Doesn’t this happen for most out there?

Is the main concern that the in-browsing security is added by means of a toolbar?

Ewen :slight_smile:

OK, that’s not ideal, but it is good news. I truly have regretted the conflicts in CMF, which I think is a wonderful piece of software potentially. Like BOClean, it is a nice peice of extra protection. I look forward to smooth integration of all the Comodo products in a CAVS3/CPF product.

I personally like the idea. Making Browsers safer on the internet :-TU i myself have not installed it cause i read that it is not available via auto update from CFP previous versions. Only from new install. Still like the idea and how it helps comodo make money :-TU

I ditched one (non-Comodo) application, in part because the toolbar was pushed upon users. I and some others felt that this was at the expense of the program development. Moreover, the toolbar was pushed under another guise, that of safer internet surfing and if not installed there were at least two warnings on the GUI, in amber, to encourage one to use it. One only realised a toolbar was being installed by reading the information a bit carefully during installation, although I understand that info is a bit more up-front now.

By contrast, the Comodo toolbar installer says exactly what it is and there is no penalty involved in opting out. Not only that, but CMF (which seems bug free and low impact) is available as a stand alone download.

Personally, I don’t like toolbars. At all. But even developers got to eat. Drive to work. Feed the whanau.
Having seen how toolbars can be pushed onto users, I applaud the Comodo approach. :-TU

I want CMF within CPF, not a toolbar!
I want CMF within CPF, not a toolbar!
I want CMF within CPF, not a toolbar!

You don’t need to install the toolbar!
You don’t need to install the toolbar!
You don’t need to install the toolbar!

Once CMF matures it will be within CPF!
Once CMF matures it will be within CPF!
Once CMF matures it will be within CPF!


Been reading a few of these posts, * want want want want want * C’mon guy’s, seriously you can’t expect to take something from Comodo all the time, how about you say thank you for their services and help pay them back what you OWE them :slight_smile: