buffer overflow message when running wow.exe (World Of Warcraft) on network driv

buffer overflow attack (or attempt to attack) message when running wow.exe (World Of Warcraft) on network drive Z: (by file and printer sharing of Microsoft)
machine where running wow.exe : Windows 7 x64 Rus with necessary updates, Comodo firewall 5.4.189822.1355 russian, firewall in Safe mode, Proactive protection in safe mode, no other firewalls, Avast antivirus 6.1.1125, World Of Warcraft 4.1.0(14007)release russian
machine in local network where wow.exe located: Windows XP 32bit with necessary updates
bug: buffer overflow attack message appears about 10 times (after pressing Skip button - this message again!), the flag Remember… (this answer) does not help! (adding wow.exe into Trusted files (in ProActive tab of settings) and setting to Trusted Application in Firewall settings/politics… of network security - are not help, this bug appears again!), sometimes this bug works another: message Buffer overflow attack not shows, but the application wow.exe crashes and the process finishes (in this game - no other .exe file runs, only wow.exe, i did not run another files in game folder, such as launcher.exe…), when I place the game folder on THIS machine (on local hard drive, not at network) - the game launches normally without bug in Comodo Firewall

WOW has always had the BO issue.

As for the continued BO alerts, by design, CIS considers all external media to be untrusted. It isn’t possible to tell CIS to remember your answer in this instance because that would be a security risk. Trusting a file that can move to, or by accessed by another machine and possibly get infected isn’t a good idea.