Buffer overflow attack

Good afternoon, I apollogise if I am in the wrong section, but I do need some help. This afternoon I was uninstalling all the crap that you get pre installed when you get a new PC. I uninstalled NTI Mediamaker 8 and immedeatly after doing that, I got an alert from the firewall that I had a possible buffer overflow attack! My Avast Antivirus did NOT pick it up, (thats why I am so happy with Comodo) In my Defense+ events it say’s: C:\Windows\explorer.exe Shellcode injection

The Defense+ did get it, but do I have to do anything more?? Everything still works as it should be, but I need some advise if I need to take further action. :-\

Unfortunately this has been reported a few times and It’s a false detection.
If need be, you can reassure your self by uploading the file to www.virustotal.com

Still waiting for a Dev or a mod to comment on these incidents. Thank you for reporting.

Thank you so much for this very fast reply :slight_smile: I am glad that I do not have to worry. So I am going on with uninstalling. Thanks again :-TU