Bubble UPnP, Multicasting, WMP to Android

Hi there, can you help me to set up Comodo Firewall to the following instruction.

I run W7 WMP over my WiFi to my android tablet with Bubble UPnP, which is then plugged into my stereo. I was running a paid firewall AV package, but was so unhappy with it I’ve come back to Comodo (firewall only). Since doing this however, I’m not able to get the Bubble server to run.

After contacting Bubble support, I got the following reply:
“I would look first at Comodo Firewall. Make sure it doesn’t disable UDP trafic on port 1900. This is used for UPnP device discovery.
Also check in Comodo if something regarding multicasting or multicast is not disabled.”

Following a tutorial, I think I got port 1900 open, but I can’t find anything anywhere about ‘multicast’ or multicasting.

Any help greatly appreciated! thanks in advance, Chig.