BSODs with version 5.8

Hi, I don’t know if this is a bug or just a settings glitch so I’m asking for help first. Sorry for the long info dump but don’t know what might be a smoking gun. :wink:

I don’t get BSODs. Last week CIS’s program installer didn’t work so I uninstalled my version 5.5, downloaded the new exe file and installed CFW 5.8 from scratch (no Buddy or AV, just the FW and defense+).

I rebooted and got my first BSOD even before the boot sequence reached account logon - see bluescreenview.exe mini-dump info - image 1.

Next reboot went fine so I re-entered my firewall rules from scratch - didn’t import an old config - and hoped the BSOD was a one-off. The odds of suddenly having a disk corruption seemed remote given the timing, and the main suspects for Stop 0x24’s, according to Msoft, are antivirus/ antispyware/ security programs impacting on Ntfs.sys. I ran chkdsk and sfc /scannow just to be sure. No reported issues.

I got another BSOD on cold boot a few days later - see bluecreenview.exe mini-dump info - image 2.

Both BSODs involved the same crash address ‘ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40’. Eventviewer log info for the second BSOD are shown in image 3 and 4.

I gave up researching the errors and decided to system restore back to before I uninstalled CFW 5.5. I then disabled 5.5’s settings, uninstalled it, ran CCleaner and installed 5.8. Even before I rebooted and was just ticking “Computer Monitor” in Defense + Monitoring Settings I got a third BSOD. I hadn’t imported any previous config. Bluescreenview.exe gave same crash address as the first two: ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40 - see image 5.

Finally, eventlog recorded a System Control Manager error about the COMODO Internet Security Helper Service a few minutes before the first and latest BSOD - see image 6 for the identical second eventlog.

I can see that CIS Helper Service is cmdagent.exe and that the service interacts with the desktop, but given this eventlog error never appeared until installing 5.8, I’m guessing it does something more windswept than before and my system doesn’t like it… unless this error is a red-herring to the BSODs? I’ve not changed any other services and 5.5 never produced the error.

From the timing and all the evidence I’m certain CFW, or more likely Defense +, is causing the BSODs. I’ve left the enhanced protection mode off and the sandbox.

Any advice gratefully received. :-\

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Hi, query for a mod… :wink:

Given lack of any bites to this post, should I post a bug report instead?

I’ve prepared a formatted bug report with all the required zip file appends (actual dump files and active process list etc).

BSODs haven’t re-occurred since disabling Enhanced Protection Mode but this doesn’t seem a reasonable long term solution if that was the cause ???

If you’ve already prepared it, sure, submit it. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Formatted bug report posted :slight_smile: