BSODs: Please add your minidump files here (CIS4)

CIS crashed under Windows 7 x 86.Pictures and dump file attached.

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Some will want to take into account the crash reports? In vain I send bug?
Also reports is sent here and expect a reply email that you have taken any measures.
Please refer to your e-mail sent to you at CRASH,reports here also is sent :

Anybody ??

C’mon.I can’t believe it.3 days-0 downloads.Does anybody cares about that?Why is CIS crashing, for example…

Team are not interested: ( ???
Do not close section that no one enter?

I also would like my issue be fixed. I am waiting more than two weeks without any response. And my computer is still crashing…

  1. Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit, SP2

  2. realtime Eset NOD 32 Antivirus v. 4, CIS v. 4 (installed firewall with D+, proactive security, firewall security level: custom, D+ security level: safe pc mode, sandbox enabled)

  3. N/A

4 and 5. as soon as I connect my pc to the internet (via lan) I got BSOD with the folloving message: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. But whe I connect my PC to the internet via wifi, everything is ok. I got the same BSOD with CIS v. 3.14. Please, see minidump attached.


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I only use the Firewall part of Comodo and v3 all the way up the the latest one is working 100% and bug free for me.

Downloaded v4, removed v3 completely, rebooted and installed only the firewall part of Comodo v4, rebooted again and everything appeared to run perfectly.

I always run the firewall in proactive security, so I went to change it to that and the moment I clicked on it, my PC BSOD, first time that’s ever happened on my PC since Windows 7 x64 was released. Thought it might be a one off, so once back in Windows, I went to change it to proactive security, and again, instant BSOD.

This happens on the other comodo profiles as well.

I reinstalled V3 and everything works perfectly fine, no BSODS at all when switching profiles, seems to be a major bug somewhere in v4.

I can reproduce this error everytime on my PC. But installing v4 in a virtual machine everything works fine even when running the same antivirus, no BSOD at all ???

I use Windows 7 x64 Pro with Avast Free Antivirus 5

Hope I attached the right .dmp file as my system was set to dump the kernel.

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  1. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit - fully patched as of 03/24/2010.

  2. Comodo Internet Security 4.0.138377.779

  3. nvlddmkm.sys (Nvidia Graphics Cards - I have 2 cards in SLI).

  4. BSOD occasionally on boot. Never happened until Comodo Retail was installed. Didn’t happen with the free version. Recovery achieved by cold boot and starting Windows normally without a repair attempt. Dump files and image of the latest BSOD attached.

  5. Reproduced by a cold boot, but seems random. I uninstalled and then re-installed the GPU drivers today, to see if that helped. However, I do feel that Comodo is connected to this issue, as I have never had a BSOD with Windows 7 and my system has been very stable until I installed the Comodo product.

Thank you,


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Running on Win XP Sp3.
Just started BSOD this afternoon during normal activity.
On reboot BSOD during CIS startup. Had to disable CIS from stating in Safe Mode to get system up.
Here are the 3 minidump files. !st one is initial BSOD, other 2 are boot attempts.

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   windows xp pro sp3.Running the firewall only ,selected from cis_setup_x86.msi downlaoded from this site.

It is the 2 nd time that i’ve got BSoD,have always used comodo,only had problems with this version.
I use a tool TCP z driver ,which till now did not conflict with comodo.
BSODS happened while using utorrent(strange since utorrent is almost always running and the 2 BSODS that i had till now happened randomly)

I uninstalled comodo hopfully a fix will arrive.

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In addition to the below… I already ran the minidump through Microsofts Degbugging program, WinDbg, and it seems to suspect Comodo’s inspect.sys.

  1. Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 / 32-bit
  2. AVG AntiVirus Free Edition v9.0.800 virus database 271.1.1/2795, anti-spyware component is part of AVG.
  3. Comodo Firewall driver – inspect.sys v 4.0.4167.742
  4. Silent BSOD. It seems to happen only when browsing the internet with FireFox (v3.6.3). I suspect it has something to do with Flash videos as well… as that’s when the crash occurs, when I’m watching a video, and also about 3 hours ago when I clicked a link in a website.(non-video related)
  5. No steps to reproduce that I can think of.
    6.Gmer report came back clean.

Just installed the latest 4.0.141842.828 x64 version after removing v3 and again I am still receiving BSODS as I did with the previous build as I posted below.

I have attached the latest mini dump.

Again I have gone back to the latest 3.14.130099.587 build and everything works great.

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  1. Windows XP SP3 / 32 Bit - fully patched as of 03/24/2010.

  2. Avira AntiVir Premium Edition v10.0.0.603 with the lastest virus database, Kingsoft WebShield v3.5.1, Comodo Internet Security 4.0.141842.828

  3. cmdguard.sys

  4. After install CIS4,the BSOD happens everytime when I shutdown the PC .Dump files attached.

  5. N/A

Thank you,


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  1. 32-bit
  2. Windows 7 Ultimate
  3. CIS 4.0.141842.828
  4. Random
  5. None yet (advice please?)
  6. Training/Training
  7. Minidump attached
  8. Admin account with UAC disabled

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* Windows Version/Bit and Service Packs

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
* Your realtime Antivirus/version,Spyware remover/Version, other Security Software/Version
Symantec Endpoint Protection RU6
* Affected Driver/Software and Version (if the bug doesn’t affect window itself)
Symantec Endpoint Protection(began misbehaving with the advent of Comodo Firewall 4.0, removing guard64.dll fixes it)
* Brief description of the problem (Attach Diagnostic report or crash dumps)
Startup bluescreen crash, never before seen.
* Steps to reproduce the bug (if applicable)
Startup after Comodo Firewall 4.1 install.

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Dell Inspiron 530
Vista 32 bit fully patched
CIS 4.0.141842.828
Had NOD32 + Comodo Firewall latest version + Returnil installed before 29/5 : Cleaned all these with Revo + Comodo clean-up tool
Still runing: Threatfire

Since 29/5 twice BSOD : APC_INDEX_MISMATCH
First time : do not know which program caused it.
Second time : upon starting Reliability and Performance Monitor
Have restarted Reliability and Performance Monitor without problems

Upon googling the problem found advice from Microsoft: Uninstall Comodo bacause it often causes BSOD!??
Using Comodo firewall since many years and very satisfied + CIS on portable (some problems with updates but this is better with latest version) - so uninstalling is not an option.

Finaly found this tread.
Memory dump was disabled so I cannot give more information now. Have enabled it with small memory dump
Downloaded GMER.

This is the report:

Rootkit quick scan 2010-06-03 11:06:29
Windows 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2
Running: 9x0gsorm.exe; Driver: T:\Temp\pxldapod.sys

---- Devices - GMER 1.0.15 ----

AttachedDevice \FileSystem\Ntfs \Ntfs cfrmd.sys (COMODO Safe Delete Filter/COMODO Security Solutions Inc.)
AttachedDevice \FileSystem\fastfat \Fat fltmgr.sys (Microsoft Bestandssysteemfilterbeheer/Microsoft Corporation)
AttachedDevice \FileSystem\fastfat \Fat cfrmd.sys (COMODO Safe Delete Filter/COMODO Security Solutions Inc.)
AttachedDevice \Driver\tdx \Device\Ip cmdhlp.sys (COMODO Internet Security Helper Driver/COMODO)
AttachedDevice \Driver\tdx \Device\Tcp cmdhlp.sys (COMODO Internet Security Helper Driver/COMODO)
AttachedDevice \Driver\tdx \Device\Udp cmdhlp.sys (COMODO Internet Security Helper Driver/COMODO)
AttachedDevice \Driver\tdx \Device\RawIp cmdhlp.sys (COMODO Internet Security Helper Driver/COMODO)

---- EOF - GMER 1.0.15 ----

After sending the previous reply I read on the GMER site that you have to initiate a scan to get the rootkits. So the previous report would be faulty???
I initiated a GMER scan. New BSOD -different from the first 2 (APC_INDEX_MISMATCH) – now the title was PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.
Copy of the screen : see BSOD1. I restarted the pc an ran the GMER scan again to see if this reproduced the problem. Not so. The rootkit report now has an enormous number of entries the first of which are all about Comodo Sandbox.
At that moment some of my other programs started to act strangely and I decided to restart the computer. Upon restarting: new BSOD (see BSOD2.jpg)
I lost the first minidump file because it was replaced by the second.
I tried to send the minidump but it is a .dmp file and I cannot send this.

I am getting really worried (and a bit fed up). After installing Comodo 4 five days ago I now have had 4 crashes on a PC that was running perfectly for years. I never had seen a BSOD on it before.
I am quite sure that Comodo is causing all this. On my first BSOD (of which I did not make a picture) I read something about Comodo (cmd….)
I am also very suspicious of the Sandbox. With previous version of Comodo I was asked to OK new programs. Now I often am warned upon starting a new program that it is run in Sandbox. I wonder if my firewall will still work if I disable the sandbox.

As said I am getting fed up with all this. My first impression of CIS 4 was very good. Especially after the experience of very slow updates with CIS 3. Having gotten wonderful protection from Comodo Firewall for free for many years I am prepared to tolerate some bugs and help by reporting them but a constantly crashing pc is something else.

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After my 2 posts yesterday new BSOD today. This happened when renaming a folder in IE8. I join a picture of BSOD
This time the BSOD shows cmdguard.sys - same as on my 2 first crashes.
After this issue I saw in the forum that a new version is available.
Installed it immediately. Now running CIS 4.1.149672.916 - hope problems will stop

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I would like to remark that your second picture has the mouse cursor over the BSOD. I have noticed this aswell, a very strange occurence.