BSODs: Obsolete topic for posting BSOD links [PLEASE IGNORE]

If you come across with a BSOD or an instant reboot (silent BSOD), and you suspect the cause of the problem was CIS, please:

  • create a normal issue report in standard format, with a crash dump file attached. Help is here.
  • immediately post a link to it in this topic. Please do not wait for the report to be verified.

When you post a link in this topic we understand that the forum software will immediately notify developers.

[This was originally posted by Gibran, but has been substantially edited to fit with the new approach to bug reporting by Mouse. It was edited instead of reposting to preserve the automatic notification links to the topic]

BSOD related to running Alcohol with CIS:

Well found! but this is nw redundant - devs have been notofoed re your BSOD. Should have locked it - sorry! Locking now!