BSODs - Minidumps point to Comodo

Hi, all:

I recently did a reinstallation of XP Pro on my home computer, and decided to try out CIS. (Belarc Advisor overview of my PC:

I’ve had a reliable case of the BSODs since the reinstallation, and after some consultation on TechGuy (see the full story at, it appears Comodo is referenced in the BSOD minidump files (available via the TechGuys thread). I’d be grateful for your feedback to know whether I’m encountering a misinstallation, a software/driver conflict, or something new and as yet unidentified.


You can submit the minidump file in the BSODs: Please add your minidump files here topic. In your submit please provide the requested information. This will help the devs of Comodo to reproduce the problem.

What error did the BSOD give?

Hi, Eric:

I made a x-ref to that forum earlier in the day. I kept getting BSODs after uninstalling CIS, which I presume is a reliable indicator that CIS is not the problem. Minidumps are an imperfect picture, I guess.

As for the error message, it doesn’t give one. The machine simply flips to black instantly. Upon restart, I get a “serious error” message, followed by a browser window that leads to a nondescript error message suggesting a driver, virus or hardware problem. (“Thanks, MS, for narrowing it down to a software or hardware problem!”) :slight_smile: