BSODs and v3

Hello, I tried Comodo v2.4 last month and found it great; but it gave me three BSODs in three hour, so I had to uninstall it. I’d like to know if this problem, that seems to be wide spread, has been addressed in v3.


BSODs can also be due to coflicting softwares.
There is no way to give you an answer fit to your PC configuration.

I have only one AV and V3 no BSODs so far.

Understood, there can be zillion of factors playing a role here; and indeed I have many possible disturbing elements (I have CA Antivirus, Cisco VPN client, Checkpoint Securemote client, OpenVPN client just to say a few) but other firewalls I am trying don’t have at all this kind of problems.

  • Mario

Really It cannot be excluded that other apps are at fault. For example other firewall may use a non overlapping set of funtions, so the faulty software can work without problem because the function it needs aren’t shared with anyone. Here it is an article about this topic along with an analisys of few firewalls. There is also a testing utility but it could cause data loss if some faulty software is installed.

I tried these versions of CFP. Occuring of BSODs are below:

v2.3 → no BSOD
v2.4 → no BSOD
v3.0.08.214 → many BSODs
v3.0.10.238 → no BSOD
v3.0.11.246 → not installed yet. Perhaps tomorrow :slight_smile:


  • I always install CFP after a clean OS installation.
  • I never use live AVs after CFP3. To scan anything, I use DOS scanners.


Well, I don’t think Comodo can replace or do what a realtime AV does.
IMHO you can’t do without both in an Internet access equipped environment.

  • Mario

v3.0.11.246 No BSOD :wink:

Anyway in order to test a product I had to uninstall all other security apps :o Testing is quite tiresome :frowning:

V3 RC has no issues with Avast so far. Maybe things will improve with Vista SP1 after MS provided a way to use patchguard protection and still gain privileged acces to core OS functions. This means that there will be a new way to write security apps that will lessen the chances of BSODs and improve compatibility.
At lest I hope. Patchguard caused a big fuss an was opposed by many security companies. Infact it add a set of limitation that legit developers should follow but malware authors don’t really need to…

I resume this aging thread because I’m trying CFP and in two days I haven’t had a single BSOD. Still have to activate the VPN Cisco Client but apart from this everything is running quite smooth.

So, something must have got better this side :slight_smile:

  • Mario

Yes, BSODs went out from agenda!..