Since I updated Comodo on the 23rd October, I have received 5 BSOD’s all on boot-up just before logon screen. I don’t know if Comodo is the culprit, but it started happening immediately after the last update, and it had been months since I had my last BSOD.

Firewall is in Custom Policy Mode, Defense + is in Safe Mode, with unrecognized files Untrusted. I also have Enable enhanced protection mode selected.

I just read another post were Comodo and Avast antivirus might be having problems together.

I have attached a minidump file.

Any help would be appreciated.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Try what happens if you disable the boot up scan.

As you use defense+, you could also disable (better un-install) the behaviour blocker of avast.

If you still have problems, try to disable the avast sandbox.

It seems as if comodo is somehow the cause too, as this happened after a change of it.

I don’t do any scanning at boot-up, also I will like to see other advice before I start disabling things in Avast as both programs have worked together fine for me for at least 2 years. Thanks for your help.

If you dont try things, you will not know. Disabling something for testing is temporary.

I used an antivirus for years too, and then it became bad in compatibillity. Since then i am with avast, after i solved some problem (disabling sandbox of avast solved it), because i started to use avast again after comodos last update :smiley:

The boot scan setting that i meant is under, settings (on top right of the screen), and the last entry in this settings, something like, “problem solving”. There are some other things that you could try to solve problems :wink:

You dont have to run everything what is in a package just because its in it. Thats one of the nice facts about avast, you can choose any shield to be not even installed. You can choose what is really necessary, and most of the things are made for those who dont have a host intrusion protection additionally installed. Think about it.

Since I un-ticked ‘enable enhanced protection mode’ I haven’t had a BSOD. Hopefully that has sorted out the problem, the only bad thing is losing the extra protection on a 64bit machine.