BSOD with the drivers of VX7000 webcam

Conflict of cmdguard.sys and nx6000.sys (it comes with the drivers of my new vx7000 webcam).

The only solution for now is to uninstall comodo 3. :cry:

edit: seems that is the comodo guardian driver. (I’ll move the post over there and uninstall memory guardian instead.) ;D

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Hi, I’ve digged that issue today. Something broke the kernel’s notification routine’s parameters in this case so the first “hook” (here - comodo memory guardian) crashed. This issue is fixed and the solution will be available in the CMG release (though this is a very strange behavior, it seems that something probably hides the dll/exe so the kernel can’t pass us it’s name as a parameter. Please try to scan your system with one of the antirootkits)

Hi Tyler,

thanks, for responding. If it is a rootkit, then it definitly came with the installation of the microsoft applications/drivers. It happend right after I download and installed LifeCam 1.4 32-bit for Windows XP SP2 or higher. (:AGY)

I’ll check my system right away.

From a first check my system seems clean. The antirootkits do not find anything. I scan my pc with avira and now downloaded a trial of kaspersky for a second check.

ps. Can it be that CFP3’s defence+, somehow blocked comodo guardian from getting access to the name of the dll?

No :slight_smile: It’s just an abnormal system bahavior but it can be fixed so who cares, MS surprises us as usual :slight_smile: