bsod with new beta

Not sure what happened, all was going so well. This morning I booted up my laptop and could not get past a bsod. This is the first I have had with this install of windows. It was a pagefault in non paged area. Tried rebooting three times to no avail so I went into safe mode and uninstalled comodo. Booted up fine after this but I want comodo back. (:SAD)

I will try reinstalling but am worried there is an issue here. This is a laptop running winxp sp2, all updates and nod32 for my av. No other programs running at boot.

Hi Gravy,

I assume the program you just installed is CPF. Do you have any other security softwares on board? There are a few security softwares that conflict with CPF.

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Yes, it is CPF. This machine has been running Comodo Firewall throughout all of the versions since 1-something. The problem began with CPF 2.3.33.

As mentioned, no other security programs (or any programs) are running except nod32.

With that said, I have uninstalled nod32 too and cleaned up the registry. Then installed F-Prot AV, a very basic AV program without many of the features of nod or kav. From there I reinstalled the newest beta of cpf back on the machine. So far so good, but don’t think I am out of the woods without more testing. Right now it is downloading a large torrent, once done I will reboot a few times and see what happens.

If I remember correctly, there seems to be a conflict between NOD32 and CPF. I remember reading it somewhere. Anyway, let us know how are you doing. Your post might be useful for future users.

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I am running the latest (and all previous beta’s) alongside Nod32 with 0 issues.
Perhaps there is another problem?

I have NOD32 and no conflict here

Well it is plugging along well with Fprot. I am on the road using a data card at the moment, but when I get a chance will do a clean install of windows, nod32 and this beta. Jury is still out for me on what happened, but it was the first bsod I have ever had in all my testing. The previous beta and nod32 definitely worked great together, hopefully this will turn out to be the same.

@ Gravy,
I also use NOD32 and CPF with no issues. Are you using the current version of NOD32?

Since nobody has asked yet…

Gravy… what driver did the BSOD mention?

Hi Gravy,

Can you please tell us which driver name you are seeing on the BSOD screen? Also can you please send us the memory dumps windows generated after the BSOD so that we can see whats going on?

CPF and NOD32 do work together with no reported issues. So I suspect something is left behind. Those memory dumps will make us to see what is left behind.


Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I am from the US but living in the UK for a couple of years. We have visitors over right now and are on a vacation up through York and Durham. The wife isn’t as forgiving of my time on the computer during these trips and my internet access with a data card is hit and miss.

I am absolutely embarassed to say this, but I do not recall the driver name that showed up in the bsod. I have also searched my pc high and low and cannot find a dump file. I am using xp sp2 and settings indicate that I should be getting a small “minidump” file - I dunno. (:SAD) I had system restore turned off at the time it happened, maybe this prevented a dump?

Really sorry to be of such little help. I will reinstall nod32 after the vacation and if the bsod happens again I will know what to do. Any tips on making sure a system dump is generated are appreciated.

For now, the new beta is working great with Fprot.

I’ve been running various release and beta versions of CPF quite while now with nod32 on a couple of different machines. No problems here…


I am a relatively new CPF user and I am also experiencing BSODs with the latest beta, though I am not using nod32 but Symantec AntiVirus. The BSODs also happened with beta. The system BSODs with a STOP 0x00000050 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA message during startup if (and only if) CPF was left in the “Block All” state when the system was shutdown/rebooted. I am running Windows XP SP2 Pro Norwegian and CPF with default settings.

No faulting driver name is shown on the BSOD screen and no memory dump is produced, so I used the remote kernel debugging feature in Windows, and according to the debugger the fault is probably caused by netbt.sys.

This problem looks similar to what’s described in this thread:,1069.0.html

Could this be related?

If I remove the “Tag” value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CmdMon as described that thread, the BSODs no longer occur.

An interesting issue. When CPF blocks all connections netbt.sys driver crashes. When you change the tag value, cmdmon.sys is loaded after netbt.sys causing CPF to miss requests from it thus preventing the bsod. This is definetly a Microsoft based bug but CPF is triggering it.
And you are right. The 2 problems are almost the same.

Thank you for the feedback,

Thought that I should report back as I have been running Nod32 with the newest beta again. It has been running flawlessly for two days now so I am not sure what caused the original problem.

One thing different is that I am currently running nod with the default settings as installed. Previously I was using maximum protection settings per BlackSpear’s guide on Wilders Security forum. When time allows I am going to crank the security back up and see if it all holds together.

I sure hope that it does as this combo is running VERY fast on my laptop. CPF is really coming together nicely!

Hi Gravy,
I use BlackSpears settings on my machine, without a hitch. Good luck!