BSOD with msg KMWDFILTER.SYS after install COMODO


I experienced an issue as follows. Did anyone experience similar?

I have a wireless lasermouse TRUST MI-7700R. That mouse needs a driver called KMWDFILTER.SYS. This driver has been running on my PC for many months, along with Zonealarm.

I uninstalled Zonealarm and installed COMODO FIREWALL Pro after deactivating my AVG8 and Spybot-SD Resident. The install did not give any error messages.

At the end of the process, it requests to boot the PC again, which I did.

After my XP Home started and I logged to my account, I got a BSOD specifying KMWDFILTER.SYS

I rebooted and started Windows in safe mode, deleted the three files called KMWDFILTER.SYS (2 in Program files, 1 in driver DB) and rebooted (this remedy is mentioned on another forum).

Now everything looks OK, but I cannot use my wireless mouse.

I reinstalled the mouse driver. Still the mouse does not function, but I don’t get the BSOD after booting either!


Sorry, I was too quick in stating that I did not get the BSOD’s anymore after the reinstall of the driver. I DID after a reboot!
The msg in the BSOD was:
STOP 0X0000008E (0XC0000005, 0XBAB81D10, 0XA93C1BC0, 0X00000000)
KMWDFILTER.SYS Address BAB81D10 base at BAB80000 DATESTAMP 460b63fe

After I rebooted in SAFE mode my wireless mouse functioned again.

Then in SAFE mode I removed KMWDFILTER.SYS from C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers and from C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch.
After reboot, no BSOD anymore, but of course my mouse does not function anymore.

End of update

Anyone experienced similar?

When I installed the new drives for my wireless lasermouse, I also got a blue screen of death on my vista machine… The problem was that the drives was poorly written for vista which was causing problems… I also got in safe mode and deinstalled the bad driver and my pc booted normal…

I just plugged my mouse receiver in the pc and let vista install the drives by itself… because vista has a lot of drivers build in, more than xp actually…

maybe you should try that too… or check the website of the manufacturer and see if there are good vista drivers available for your mouse…

If you think the problem is caused by cfp, you should uninstall cfp using revo uninstaller, install the mouse driver, when it is working fine, you can install the firewall again…

ok, have a nice day!


Post your BSOD here.