BSOD with avast pre-release build 5.0.661

I can’t be sure - as the dump file can’t be saved with CTM running - that the CTM 178 will BSOD with new pre-released build of avast 5.0.661.
I’ve tested two conditions: running Firefox inside and outside the avast sandbox. The result was the same (BSOD), although with different numbers. Seems it’s not the sandbox (as I’ve posted earlier;msg412559#msg412559).

The computer BSOD after some hours of use. I think it could be related to the memory usage or disk faults.

My fear is that when avast release its new version and when CTM releases its new version on September, both will conflict and this problem will not be addressed.

Is there any way I can help troubleshooting this?
I can give remote access to my computer if its needed to test.


Seems a problem in avast side.

I’ll wait, update avast and post back :slight_smile: