BSOD & wipeout of MBR after new update

Hi everyone,
I am facing this problem
I am running Dual Boot Win-7 32 bit & xp sp3, with CIS 5.10.xxxxxx
Network card Intel Pro100/E
As it is old version so i upgraded to 6.3.302093.2976,it installed internet security suite along with comodo dragon & geekBuddy,

-After installation computer become very slow & took ages to boot & desktop stops responding.
Whenever I will start browser internet explorer,chrome or dragon after 10 or 20 sec(say) I will have BSOD with Driver IRQL-less or equal,with e100b325.sys.

-running diagonstic didnot find any problem in cis.

-uninstalled it & reinstalled cis, no result & improvment.

-Compuer crashed & didnot started at all with error message: Error loading operating sytem;

-obiously CIS wiped my MBR, have to executer bootrec/fixmbr form recovery disk. :frowning:

uninstaled CIS & did sytem restore.

examined event log I find lot of event related to File sytem filter after upgrading to 6.3 as
“File System Filter ‘CFRMD’ (Version 6.1, ‎2012‎-‎07‎-‎17T10:35:30.000000000Z) failed to attach to volume ‘\Device\HarddiskVolume1’. The filter returned a non-standard final status of 0xc01c0016. This filter and/or its supporting applications should handle this condition. If this condition persists, contact the vendor.”

-Before upgrading I was having only one event from CIs side that was on on Wininit(guard32.dll).

_I could not upload Memory DMP files, I think they have been wiped by sytem restore.

Request to every one, how to solve this problem.


My advice would be to try reinstalling it by following the advice I give in this topic:

Make sure you run the removal tools, both for CIS and for any other previously installed anti-malware software. Also, make sure that your computer is configured to make full kernel dumps. This is required if it becomes necessary to submit a bug report. Then, if even after doing this and reinstalling CIS the problems continue, submit a bug report in this section of the forum. Be sure to follow the format provided in this post.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

e100b325.sys is is a core windows file and should be signed by Microsoft, its the NDIS driver to Intel PRO/100 NICs. I’m not sure Comodo is at fault here, I’d do a system consistency check and look into failing hardware.

I did exactly as suggested by Chiron , same issue is prsent.
@aim4it, it is true e100b325.sys is NDIS driver, but bluescreenview.exe lists address of e100b325 with offset.
I have runChkdsk/f/r it found some missing descriptors.

aim4it ,kindly suggest how to perform system consistency check.


Click the windows button in the search type cmd, then ctrl+shift+enter to bring up an elevated console. In the console type sfc /scannow You may also want check the rest of the computer for errors as well. Click My Computer, find the System drive, normally C drive, right click properties, click the Tools tab, then click Check Now, make sure ‘Automatically fix file system errors’ is checked.

Did exactly as suggested, no error found,
will post in bug report.
Thanks every body for their cooperation.