BSOD while restarting system after upgrade to Windows 10 [M1881]

Just upgraded a machine running Comodo firewall Running Win 10 64-bit.

After upgrade, I randomly get a BSOD at boot in inspect.sys (unhandled exception). Typically this happens when Windows plays the boot up sound. What are the instructions for capturing and reporting the log? I looked in the FAQ and didn’t see BSOD on Win10 instructions. Are there any known issues w/BSOD at boot?

Not a known issue. Here’s a good guide :
Please provide a link to complete memory dump by PM.

Thank you.

ok, I’ll make the changes and capture the log after the next BSOD. A couple of other details

  1. I’m using Win 10 Pro build 10.0.10586
  2. The unhandled exception is in inspect.sys. This is Comodo correct?

The firewall driver is named ‘inspect.sys’.

Hope it helps.

I just re-read my first post and realized the upgrade statement was unclear. I was running on Win 7 and had no issues. I upgraded to from Win 7 to Win 10 and after the second boot I experienced an issue.

I’ve upgraded 4 Win 7 machines recently to Win 10. All are running eSet NOD32 and Comodo firewall. Only one has experienced this issue. Two are running SSDs. The one thing I did differently with the machine that was experiencing problems was forget to disable the Windows firewall after the initial boot. I’ve subsequently disabled it, but the first time I had BSOD both Comodo and Windows firewalls were active.

I originally suspected that this was the cause, but I’ve had subsequent BSOD w/Windows disabled.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Perhaps you are using another incompatible product? For example, there is a known issue where conflict with Sandboxie could cause BSOD on Windows 10.
In general, these kind of issues are not very easy to troubleshoot.

Actually, it’s advised (even by Microsoft itself) to uninstall any security software before upgrading from Win 7 (or 8 or 8.1) to Win 10

Thank you, Jon79. That is quite true. If you updated successfully with CIS installed, consider yourself quite lucky.
And recently, even updating a Win10 build required CIS uninstalled first, as it would not allow the last few % to complete (I suspect the registry updating). I am currently build 14372.

Hi lindend,
If this issue occurs only after shutting down the system but not when using the restart function, try disabling fast startup to see if the issue persists.
How to Turn On or Off Fast Startup in Windows 10-Window 10 Forum


It mostly happens after a cold boot, but it just happened to me after a restart.

I’m going to PM you the memory dump of one that just took place (wasn’t in inspect.sys this time, but it said SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED). Before I upload the file, do you still want to see it?

BTW, I checked, don’t have Sandboxie or something like VirtualBox installed.

Sure. :slight_smile:

PM sent. After thinking about this a bit, I think it mostly happens on restart and not a cold boot. I will monitor going forward.

I also noticed that when it happens, the windows startup sound always is playing (and the sound is stuck like the driver failed to respond to an interrupt). I’ve not seen the BSOD when the startup sound fails to play (it seems quite random if/when I hear the startup sound). To rule things out as a potential conflict w/the sound driver, I’ve disabled the startup sound.

At first sight, it seems to be caused by ‘USBPORT.sys’.

I will look into devices connected to the USB and associated drivers, but I don’t think anything is active except MS Natural Keyboard and Mouse.

I have done quite a bit of testing. I was wrong. Problem only seems to happen after a restart and NOT after a cold boot. If this is the case, wouldn’t disabling fast mode actually create more issues for me?

During the last BSOD, I was a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (not in inspect.sys). I’ve not seen inspect.sys since reporting the problem here unfortunately.

  1. If you do not experience this issue with a normal boot then you should disable fast startup mode for a while.
  2. Could you check if there’s anything under Minidump folder?

Yes, there seems to be a mini-dump for each BSOD. Should I PM them to you?



I was able to restart two times, but BSOD death (twice) thereafter with fast startup disabled. Interestingly enough, neither in inspect.sys again.

Does the issue persist if you uninstall CIS?

Please check PM.