BSOD when enabling Sandboxie

For the last year I have been using Sandboxie with my Vista Home Premium 32bit.
Just in the last 2 weeks I bought Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit and am using free Comodo as my firewall.
When I enable Sandboxie my computer goes to blue screen and then reboots and I don’t know why?
Is this been a normal thing with Win 7 64bit?

Please check if you have the latest version of CIS (end in .828) previous versions used the same registry key path and file directory as sandboxie.

If you do, try disabling the automatic CIS sandbox (Defense + ~ Sandbox ~ Sandbox settings)

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I have disabled Sandboxie in Comodo settings and have the same version you have.
It goes to BSOD when I right click on Comodo and cliock on Sandbox level and enable it from there.
If I disable it how do I get it to work in conjunction with Firewall and Defense?

Sorry I don’t quite understand. You cannot disable Sandboxie in CIS settings, you can only disable the Comodo automatic sandbox. If you reboot afterwards nothing should be automatically sandboxed.

You may find it helpful to read the Intro to the Sandbox - the Comodo Sandbox and Sandboxie are very different…

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Am I using the correct settings?

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I’m do apologise, but I still don’t understand what you are trying to do. Are you trying to run the separate program Sandboxie?

The settings you give will disable the Comodo automatic sandbox. Right clicking on the icon and choosing enable the sandbox will re-enable it.

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I am trying to run Sandboxie from within Comodo. When I enable Sandboxie by right clicking on the icon Comodo is when I get the BSOD. My question is Why?
Apology accepted as I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to go step by step to explain my problem.

I can download Sandboxie from its original site and run it from there but when I saw Comodo firewall + Defense+ Sandboxie I was happy to see it all in one place.
No, I do not have Sandboxie(from the original site) running at the same time. I uniinstalled it and disabled Sandboxie from Comodo settings on the right click of the icon.

OK now I understand

The Comodo sandbox is NOT the same program as Sandboxie. It’s main purpose is different.

While it is capable of some of the same things as Sandboxie, it is not capable of all the same things. (Nor is Sandboxie capable of the same things as the Comodo Sandbox).

Please see the Intro to the Sandbox for further information - it really will help you to understand it an whether you want it enabled or disabled. The link is in my signature.

Regarding your BSOD it would be great if we could report it. Please add the information requested here to your post, then I will move it to the bug reports section so people can investigate it.

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