A bit behind but just got the update and BAM BSOD. Did a sys restore once , got update BSOD again. No errors, just a quick blue flash and my pc shuts down. After last restore, I chose to leave the update alone, been fine since.


Ok Aowl, I did just that as last suggested. It’s running right now but it took a bit before, let’s see if this works.
CTFMON.exe was shut down prior to install. I did a fresh install, let’s see how it goes.


I hope you’re not losing it completely here, Paul. Would hate to see you being institutionalized and not hear form you again ;D

Hey Jolt,

Not sure what you mean there but I lost it years ago! :o I redirected Aowl from the Voting poll on 2.3 or 2.4 so we didn’t pollute the topic and decided to continue here where I had posted on the BSOD. So far, 2.4 is working , fingers crossed. Aowl had suggested terminating ctfmon.exe same thought I had so I did a complete download, uninstalled 2.3 completely, went with new 2.4 setup and stopped ctfmon.exe and so far all has been going well.


Aha… never had a problem with ctfmon.exe before, so I’m interested in your progress. Gonna keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Well, I couldn’t go 15 -20 minutes before so it’s been going strong. A thanks to Aowl for that, I didn’t even think about it really until he brought it up. Then it was like, Duh-oh! So far so good.


I didn’t have the BSOD’s problem, but I had a 5 second delay when clicking things on CFP in the GUI and on popups.
The delay disappeared when closing that process, and others got rid of their BSOD’s
I think that you need to tell Comodo that they didn’t solve all BSOD’s when they released CFP 2.4…
Egemen worked hard to fix it, but it might be some work left…

Hi Aowl, well egemen informed me that some files from the update may still be corrupted so to direct people to download right from the site. I made a post for this …,5695.msg42085.html#msg42085



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You’re welcome… ;D

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I thank you for that, and I feel honored… ::slight_smile:

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