BSOD on mounted WIM


some users report that after browsing the Vista DVD with vLite ( the machine BSODs and that uninstalling Comodo helps. That can also be tested with the MS Imagex tool (WAIK download). Mount the WIM image and then browse it, that should be enough to BSOD it.
This is a known NTFS bug and there is a solution.

Crash while calling FltIsDirectory This is a bug in FltIsDirectory. System Image Manager uses wimfltr.sys to overlay the contents of a wim on top of ntfs, and wimfltr takes ownership of any file objects in that overlay and uses its own format for the structures in the FsContext1 and FsContext2 fields. The bug occurs when you call FltIsDirectory on a file that wimfltr.sys owns. Instead of sending the IRP for this function to all the filters in the device stack, filter manager sends the IRP directly down to NTFS. NTFS doesn't know how to deal with wimfltr's custom FsContext fields, and crashes. Until a fix for this issue is available, you should avoid calling FltIsDirectory on file objects exposed by wimfltr. These files have NodeTypeCode == 0x1029 in their FSRTL_ADVANCED_FCB_HEADER.

Taken from Vista / Crash while calling FltIsDirectory — OSR

I’m having the same problem nuhi mentioned. I really don’t want to remove CFP in order to use that piece of software.
I’m looking forward to a fix for this problem.
Thanks in advance and thanks for all the Comodo free products.