I made a clean Windows 2000 Server with SP4 installation and updated all of Microsofts critical updates/hotfixes.

Downloaded CAVS 2.0 beta exe file and did the install.

After restart and somewhere after Windows password entry this BSOD NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS appears.

I tried MS Article ID 285089 for W2k & others, and which only requires a registry change, ie IRPStackSize with values 15 and 32: No change.

I tried MS Article ID 906866 which is for Server 2003 and XP, requires a hotfix program from MS and a registry change. Dont have the fix so did registry change only: DfsIrpStackSize with value 10: This did not help.

Uninstalled CAVS via Safe Mode, and system works again. However I would like to use CAVS.


  1. Is there a CAVS solution to this problem?

  2. Any guidelines for what Windows Components to EXCLUDE in order for CAVS to work?

  3. Where in this Forum can I find clear and short CAVS installation instructions?