BSOD: IRQL_not_less_or_equal


I’m having a serious problem with regular BSODs, with the IRQL problem… I’m using Comodo and I’ve been told that this is a likely cause… I’d like to know if there’s some way I can fix this?

I’ve also got Avast antivirus running, and I heard somewhere that there’s some kind of a compatibility problem between these two. Is this true?

How do I solve this? I’d hate to have to stop using Comodo, but unless there’s a solution to this I’m going to have to.

I should add that I just recently got a new computer. Prior to that, my old computer was using Comodo and Norton, together with no problems.

The new computer is a Pentium D, and I got Comodo again (currently using version, and Avast antivirus instead of Norton.

In the two months since I got the new machine I’ve had dozens and dozens of BSODs; I’ve had every piece of hardware on the machine replaced by the dealer, but to no avail; so its clearly not a hardware issue.

Hi RPGPundit,

From what I know, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is probably the most annoying BSoD message. It have about 100 millions reasons for being there. I had it when I overclocked my CPU, when I installed a new program and other times.
Okay, now my computer is in Swedish, so I’m not sure I name everything right, but you should be able to find it.
So therefore, press Windows-key+Pause/Break, which opens ‘System properties’ or something, then go to the ‘Advanced’-tab and click ‘Start and restore’ or something. Then there’s a dropdown-box where it says like ‘Write…’, then take ‘Small dump of memory(64kB)’, and it will be stored in C:\Windows\Minidump. Then upload it here:

And I use Avast! Free Edition without any problems.


Ok, I saw that thread, but it looked like it just had dozens of people putting their minidumps and no one actually giving them a solution to their problems! So like, what’s my incentive to do so?

Will I get a response to my problem? Will I be told what’s wrong? How to fix it?

Ok, having seen a number of articles now indicating that Comodo is a source of problems with 0x0A BSODs, and having been given NO help whatsoever as to a solution, I’m going to go ahead and uninstal Comodo. Too bad, but clearly there’s a customer service gap going on here.