BSOD irql not less or equal INSPECT.SYS


My problem is that after i connected another computer in my house, the main PC starts to crash, the blue screen appears with “Irql not less or equal” and at the botoom it says Inspect.sys, which leads to Comodo.

My network card is Realtek RTL8139

Maybe someone could help me please?

i’ve read something about alpha version, maybe i should try it?

Are you using the latest drivers of your Realtek 8139 network card? If not try updating them.

There is a beta version of CIS available.You would have to uninstall your current version and would have to start from scratch. When uninstalling CIS don’t forget to back up the configuration you are using (Miscellaneous → Manage my configurations).

what do you mean from scratch?

yes, the drivers are the latest, i’ll try now beta version

so i downloaded the beta version of CIS and was everything alright until you start surfing the internet on the second PC, then i get this blue screen again :-[

this is the description of system error which i posted from event viewer:

Error code 100000d1, parameter1 0000000d, parameter2 00000002, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 f84c25b8.

Category: 102
Event: 1003

Is your second PC hooked to the web via your first PC using Internet Connection Sharing?

The second BSOD is probably the same as the first one. A bugcheck of D1 means the following: 0x000000D1: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

Try updating the realtek driver to be see if that plays a role or not: .

Starting from scratch means starting from the very beginning.

yes, it is using internet sharing connection.

So yesterday i updated my second PC CIS, because it wasn’t turned on for like 5 months and the new version was available so i installed it and for some time now there is no BSOD, maybe that was the issue

Let us know when the BSOD problem returns.

yeah…it returned, i thought updating comodo helped, but it doesnt, about two hours ago the same BSOD came again…i dont know what else to do

the drivers are updated

This is a bug. I will move this topic to the bug boards so the devs can take a look at it.

Once in the bug board we will need some extra information. For the extra information follow IMPORTANT: HOW TO SUBMIT BUGREPORTS (READ THIS IF YOU WANT THEM FIXED).

The devs are not in the habit of replying and will only do if they need extra information.

  1. CPU 32bit
  2. Windows XP Professional with SP3
  3. CIS beta - 4.0.664.127486 and AVG 9.0.730
  4. BSOD: irql not less or equal(inspect.sys) after i connected a second PC to my house
  5. Updated network card drivers(realtek rtl8139) and installed CIS beta version
  6. Defense mode - disabled, Firewall mode- Safe Mode
  7. attached the latest minidump file
  8. i am using an administrator account

[attachment deleted by admin]

so where i should post this bug report?? maybe someone could help, cause it’s really annoying

so when you gonna move this topic to the bug report?


so can somebody help me?
maybe i should choose a new firewall program, because this bug is really embarassing

EDIT: i changed CIS from beta to full: 3.13.126709.581

I can’t think of anything right now. It is basically in the hands of the devs at this point. They usually don’t reply other than for the purpose of getting more information.

It would be worth the try to try another network card that is not based on Realtek to see if that helps.

Other than that I see no other solution than to try another firewall until further notice… 88)

thank you, maybe you could suggest me another firewall?l (PM me)

Outpost or Online Armor. Both free versions.
Privatefirewall is interesting too.

thank you.