BSOD "invalid work queue item"

Using Win XP Pro SP3

I was using a relatively old version of Comodo firewall ( so I downloaded and installed only the firewall portion of the latest version.

I started getting BSODs on startup, “invalid work queue item”, so I uninstalled it from within Safe Mode. That stopped the “invalid work queue item” error messages.

Apparently something was left behind because Windows Security indicates that Comodo is running and when I select Windows as my firewall from the Security Center, it warns that there is more than one firewall in effect.

Using Process Explorer, I could not find any Comodo process running. What do I need to do to remove this entirely?

BTW - I reinstalled the old version and began to get “invalid work queue item” error messages again, so I uninstalled it. Windows still insists it’s running.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Update …

I was able to complete uninstalling Comodo firewall by following the instructions here:

If someone can advise me on how to eliminate the startup BSOD error message “invalid work queue item”, I’ll be able to reinstall the firewall.


What is keeping you from updating CIS?

What is keeping you from updating CIS? <
I tried to update CIS about a week ago. It went kablooie. Yeah, I know that’s not a technical term, but I can’t recall all the details and I did not take notes because I wasn’t interested in having yet another problem to diagnose.

I’m still getting the BSOD with the “invalid work queue item” message, but only rarely. When I get that worked out, I’ll try to install CIS.

I’d sure like to have a chat with the analyst/programmer who came up with that message.


Unfortunately you cannot use the program updater to update from 3.0 to 4.1. You can update from 3.14 to v4.1 with the updater.

When installing v4.1 you cannot import the configuration you made for v3.0 as there have been too many changes under the hood. You will have to start from scratch.

It looks like Comodo is causing these bsod’s. However, you are using an outdated version for which no fixes will be made anymore.

BSOD’s are generated by Windows and not by programs.

Even though Comodo staff reads the forums, especially the bug board, they do not reply too often. Even if you were to report this as a bug it would most likely be disregarded as support for this version has been long discontinued.