BSOD help!! :( [RESOLVED]

Anytime i put my computer into standby and then wake it up i get a BSOD i’ve had this issue in the past and a complete reformat and reinstall of windows fixed it. Well that didn’t fix it this time. So i was wondering if anyone here had some time to spare and analyze the BSOD minidump log. I appreciate anyone who helps or has a suggestion.

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Shouldn’t you rename this title to “BSOD help!! :frowning: (part 2)” ???

Well, since the good o reformat didn’t work this time, I refer you to Ganda’s hammer.

Or, if you’re patient enough, you can start listing your software again (in case your setup changed or updated versions, etc).

Alright i forgot the System info :-X Windows XP MCE 2005, Pentium 4 3.06 Ghz, 512 MB RAM and the software i have is Comodo firewall 2.4, BOClean, Comodo Memory Firewall and Avast 4.7 Home Edition

Sorry I don’t speak dumpish, let’s wait for some expert. :-\ Anyway have you run Scandisk? Any other diagnosis tools (my computer for example has those in a hidden separate bootable partition)?

i’ve tried scandisk it fixed 2 errors but it still was the same after that… and does anyone know of a good free hard drive error checking software?

I know of one that I use at work, but it the software (something Itachi something) only works for a certain type of hard drive.

Why not take one of your RAM cards out at a time and then test all possibilities? Might be the quickest way to test your hardware.

Heh i would do that but… i only have 1 512 chip ;D

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You’re still awake? :frowning:

There’s your problem (:TNG)

You forgot this one: :slight_smile:

Also, did another complete restore to see if it fixes it and so far no BSOD or hard drive issues…

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Then I suggest that you borrow one of your PC’s RAM cards and swap it with yours to test out for a day or two :slight_smile:

Well after 3 restores i still have the BSOD problem…

Apparently, it’s not a software issue. That is assuming you’ve been running the same software all this time.

RAM is usually the easiest to test first, then probably the hard drive, then the motherboard, then the processor.

I’m thinking it is a hard drive problem… everything seems to lead to it being a hard drive issue >:( :cry:

PS Seagate Hard Drives suck!

maybe it’s your friend again :P0l

If it’s your friend again, remember my previous tip.

Thank’s for the link soya but still nothing seems to help… :frowning: I’m not sure but maybe just maybe this could be caused by a bad IDE cable?

Also it was not my friend it was me this time… I installed another hard drive with linux while having the windows hard drive (the dying one) still connected and somehow ended up emssing up my windows hard drive so i had to restore the windows hard drive and ever since then… been getting BSOD’s. But if it was my friend again there would be police brutality. :P0l :P0l :P0l

Then we go back with the old “The customer is always right” routine :wink: :wink: :wink:

(If it’s still warrantied (:SAD))

Yeah i have another 2 years on the warranty but they were saying they have to still charge me a small amount… so i’m trying to avoid the route… I know segate gives their hard drives a 5 or 10 year warranty though… Thanks for all the help soya and everyone else i appreciate it. (B) O0