BSOD from Hybernate/Sleep on Vista

Is the comodo developer team still interested in minidumps for vista machines relating to BSOD events from hybernate/sleep? I’ve observed this problem both with the older standalone firewall product and the newer 3.5 CIS product.

I see people have posted them before and have been forced to stop using Comodo and I’m in the same situation.

I was seeing BSOD events after my notebook was waking from sleep on Vista Home Premium after installing Comodo, but I didn’t realize why until now. I just got a new hard drive, did a clean OS install, installed comodo, then noticed BSOD screens again. Suspecting comodo and then noticing the minidump thread, I removed comodo and the BSOD problem is now gone.

Just a week ago I started recommending Comodo firewall because it is quite an impressive package, but I can’t do that any more as a result of what I’ve seen. In fact, I’ll have to go back and warn people to look out for BSOD events correlated to wake from sleep and Comodo.

I very much look forward to this problem being resolved. Overall Comodo seems great, but BSOD waking from sleep is a show-stopper for me.


I was forced to return to Norton after the same problems with BSODs (although they were caused by just accessing my CD/DVD drives) Posted here and here.

I’ve yet to see any answers regarding these BSOD problems. It seems to be something that catches little interest. I would very much like to return to CIS, but I can’t put up with the crashes!

Not necesszarily. Some bugs are harder to fix than others and need therefore more time.

This is probably a stupid question…but, how will we know if the problem has been addressed/fixed. Will it be mentioned on the Changelog page? I would like to return to CIS as soon as possible. Norton is really a resource hog.

I guess it should be mentioned in the changelog. Assuming the changelog is conclusive.

I have had the BSOD problem on 32 bit Vista also. I spent days trying to figure out what was causing it, and just realized it today after doing a system restore to a point previous to installing CIS.

I love CIS on my XP machine - it works great! I have also recommended it to others, but this BSOD problem has been a real mess. I have used Norton & Zone Alarm in the past. Norton has always been a resource hog, ZA was good in years past, when they went to a suite it got real bloated and I quit it and went to Comodo on my XP machine about a year or so ago. As I said it has been great on XP.

So sorry about the problem with Vista. I had 7 BSOD today and about 5 yesterday. Should I post the minidump? Although not sure I can - when I try to look at it with notepad it says access denied. Vista is really over the top on security, I think. I couldn’t even copy a network file to my Vista machine until I found somewhere about putting Everyone in the permissions…

The Comodo people have done a great job and I am sure they will get this issue fixed soon. Keep up the good work guys!


Please your bug in the bug report forum: .

Count me in, this must the the BAD POOL CALLER.
Can someone test the following, i had the idea that if you suspend with the keyboard hotkey or using the start button the problem is not as bad as if you let the “idle” timer put your system to sleep.

Set your power profile to put you computer to sleep after 1 minute being on battery, now pull the power plug.
On mine in will crash on startup more often then when i use the hotkey/start button tot suspend/standby.