BSOD During Firewall Install

Hi ,could someone please help with the following issue :

I used to use Comodo Free Firewall but had uninstalled it and made a change back to Windows but I kept Comodo’s DNS settings.

Now after turning off Windows Firewall and trying to reinstall Comodo Free Firewall during the installation (when the PC has to restart) I get a BSOD with the following error code:


I’ve done a system restore to before the attempted installation of Comodo but would really like to know how I can overcome this problem to start using Comodo once again.

Any help would be most appreciated …Thanks

Acer Aspire 5538G
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Microsoft Security Essentials

Hi chillum,
This sounds like a failed install/uninstall.
Before attempting a re-install please try the appropriate forced uninstaller depending on the version of CIS in the link below.
Forced uninstaller tools
I would consider using both tools if you have previously had V5.X and attempted V6.X.
Thank you.

Thanks for you reply and help captainsticks ,the V6.X forced uninstaller done the job wonderfully! even though it did take a little while for me to figure out where the attachment with the download for it was in the link you provided lol. :-TU

You are welcome, glad that solved your issue and thanks for posting back.
Sorry it took awhile to find the zipped file, I have now done a minor edit to the Forced uninstaller tools post for clarity.

Kind regards.

Captainsticks may I ask just in case, does this Forced uninstaller tools works for v6.1 just in case

Thank you

Hi SpeedyPC,
Yes it works fine for V6.1, I have used it for V6.1 with positive results and no issues. :-TU
I still run the programs built-in uninstaller first.