BSOD Crashes (cmdmon.sys)

Hello everyone,

I’m currently having a problem with Comodo Firewall. I got two BSODs so far since February 2. The STOP message for both is “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (a)” I’ve used a debugger tool to scan the minidumps and both minidumps reported cmdmon.sys might be causing the problem. This happens kind of randomly when I’m in a middle of something. Once it was when Picasa was opened. And today I had MS Word opened when the BSOD occurred.

Please help me with this problem. I really don’t want to uninstall Comodo Firewall.

My system specs are: Windows XP Home sp2 with Pentium 4, 512MB RAM, Comodo Firewall, avast! antivrus. (Anything else?)

I’ve attached the two minidumps in case it’s needed.

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I’ve made sure Comodo is aware; they’ll be along soon to get that minidump analyzed.


Thanks for looking into my problem. I’m eagerly waiting for the fix. I’m just a little worried that anything I do now might trigger a random BSOD. But that won’t stop me from using Comodo Firewall. I just hope I can get this problem solved as quick as possible.

Thanks again!

I know there have been some problems for users who had daemontools or alcohol 120% (and I guess other similar tools…); somehow CFP was creating a trigger that caused the tool to cause bsod. However, I believe those were analyzed and resolved.

We’ll have to see what the dev team says about your minidump…


Hello Little Mac,

I see what you mean. The only tool similar that functions like alcohol or daemontools I have installed on my system is Nero ImageDrive. However, like I mentioned on my previous post, it was Picasa and Microsoft Word that was last active when the BSOD occurred.

Go be more specific, I had Picasa opened as an active window when I left my PC idle for about 5 minutes. When I came back, behold, a BSOD. During the MS Word incident, I had Word opened as an active window as well. However, this time I was in front of my computer. I pressed the Save button on the toolbar, and I instantly got the BSOD. Yet, today, during my entire session of having Word opened, saving and typing and such, no BSODs occurred. The BSOD seemed almost random.

Hope this gives some more information to help further investigate the cause. By the way, I also have the most recent Kernel Memory dump (~60-70MB!) as well. If needed, I’ll gladly post it.

Again, thanks for your helpful input on this, Little Mac. I’m glad to know the Comodo Devs are working to solve this problem.

Hi Cephari,

If you get some answers to our problem please post here, too:,6435.0.html


If you have MS Office installed, you will have a Startup entry called ctfmon.exe (go to start/run, type “msconfig” look at the startup tab). This was another item that caused bsod in conjunction with CFP. But I believe that, too, was resolved.

As I understand it, the minidump files are what’s needed most by the dev team. You can attach those as .zip files to your post.


It’s nice to know I’m not the only one having this problem. :wink:

@Little Mac
I’ll leave ctfmon.exe alone, since you said the issue with it was resolved.

I also have a kernel memory dump available if more information is needed. (It’s in 7z format ~17MB). I analyzed it, and will post the .log file in this post. (The log file is a big 1MB text file. I compressed it in zip format.)

I am going to leave the latest version of CFP ( installed. If the BSOD happens again, perhaps I can find a pattern to what may be triggering cmdmon.sys to crash. If the BSOD really gets out of hand before the problem is fixed, I’ll downgrade to version 2.3; but for now, 2.4 is to stay on my system.

Good luck, Comodo Devs!

021207Kernel.7z (17.3MB)

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