BSOD ... CIS caused it?

ok, so i was having a problem with some fake antivirus software called 2011 antivirus or something like that, looks legit, but did research on it, it was fake. so i decided to make new profile, delete old, download some recommended protection stuff, ie comodo firewall, a diff anti virus, and anti spyware programs. i installed both anti virus ( not comodo), and anti spyware ( not comodo) and those worked fine. even scanned and found a few things. restarted. then i installed comodo after, and it asks me to restart… then i get BSOD and it refers ndis.sys and says driver_irql_not_less_or_equal at the top.

so, im guessing comodo does something with the lan card at some point that it causes me to get this BSOD.

i can go into safe mode, and safe mode with cmd promt… but i cant go into safe mode with networking or boot computer normally.

any ideas how i fix this without restoring? cause i dont know where that will take me. lol

well, i did a system restore, because it wouldn’t let me uninstall comodo firewall.

so it went back to right before comodo was installed, it worked just fine… i reinstalled it with diff settings, maybe the settings were to secure? so i choose the least secure, and tried that, still same BSOD. so i restored again and its back to working.

btw i have windows 7 home 64 bit on an emachine E627.

hope this helps someone later in the future. i really would like to get comodo to work rather then using windows 7 firewall… lol.