Bsectexp ( bootsectorexplorer from DiamondCS Website )

Almost all scanners detect that wrongly. That file is as much as dangerous as flypoo on your office desk. It's packed with a PRIVATE(!) version of Pec2 (Bitsum) hence a lot of "incorrect" heuristic detections, especially because the file is also small and makes some "strange" registry activity. However, the registry activity is based on the way how wayne reads/accesses the bootsector. Via Registry physicaldevice. Nothing wrong with that.

( Inspector Clouseau AV Expert (VP Sunbelt Software) at


bootsectorexplorer from DiamondCS Website … another false-positive.

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Hi Regression,

We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.

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Hi Regression,

Reported FP has been fixed in DB 3237 .Please update and confirm.


It is fixed Confirmed Thanks