brute fighting

So anyways, this website is one of those ‘pass it along’ things, but oddly enough it’s super addicting :stuck_out_tongue:

you just make a guy, and he fights my guy, then you can fight others :stuck_out_tongue:

plus you make me stronger by making a guy!

if your bored, it’s worth the time waster :stuck_out_tongue:

If you use this link, you’ll get the best Master in-game! :smiley:

If you use this link, I’ll get EXP from your registering, and leveling up! :wink:

I thought it was Brute forcing…

I actually beat it. ;D

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yo yo yo
fight me fight me fight me
click the link on my siggie

Err, I didn’t want to crush your future dreams by crushing you. :wink:

i have my first victory today :BNC

so far i have 1 victory & 4 pupils. that means i got pwned by 3 of my pupils 88)

Everyone has a giant club hitting 25-30, but I only have my giant knife hitting 15. :frowning:

you’re lucky. i only got a small shield (which can block attack…sometimes 88)) & i think a “fan” ???

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I’m not that lucky. My Brute only levels up in HP, Speed and Agility. He’s not getting stronger. If it continues like this, he must soon obtain a ninja sword to cover for the low Strength. :wink:

i still don’t understand. is it totally random? ???
my lv.3 brute stats :
3 strength
4 agility
9 speed

other brute i fought can have full bar strength 88)

and what’s agility? how is it different with speed?aren’t they the same ???

It’s either random, or it depends on your appearance. Some people I fight have three weapons, and a pet. Some guy even had a potion to heal himself, but I still got him. Mine looks like a mugger, so it’s logic that he only has a big knife, and is fast rather than strong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speed determines how fast a characters turn will come up in battle, and how often. Agility helps dodging enemy attacks.

ow got it!

if so, then why i only got this stupid fan while the girl i fought have a majestic axe >:(

Girls must be able to protect themselves from you. :smiley:

i get beaten on today’s tournament. no big deal, until i watch (click the tournament status board to re-watch the fight).

look at this >:( how is it fair?! >:( at first i even thought some ppl registered a bear as his brute. >:(

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You look pretty defenseless with your fan and shield. :stuck_out_tongue:
My three battles today all resulted in a victory. :slight_smile:

But how come I don’t get 1 experience point for all new pupils?

you think it works like multilevel marketing? ;D

What’s the point with recruiting if you don’t get any reward from doing so? :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, it looks like there are several types of getting your ■■■ kicked ;D

your brute is “crushed”
your brute is “flattened”
your brute is “beaten”

and who are these “col.Gando” & “Ganda.killed” >:(

col.Gando = someone cool?
ganda.killed = a stalker who wants to see you dead? :o